How to use youtube ads for brand promotions

use youtube ads

Introduction Are you wondering if you should use youtube ads to promote your business or brand? The answer is yes! YouTube is one of the most overlooked opportunities for enterprises and brands to promote themselves. Numerous other popular platforms could do the job, but YouTube takes the upper hand due to the magnificent numbers associated with it. It has 2 billion active users. With the soaring popularity of video content, YouTube has also become the second-largest search engine after Google.

You are well acquainted with the ways of promoting your brand or business through a YouTube channel. However, a great deal goes into the setup to monetize YouTube channels. We have a better alternative. 

YouTube ads offer the easiest and the most interesting way to generate leads and promote your brand. They help you grow your following, increase sales, and incur more profits. Keep reading as we have broken it all down for you to save you your precious time. 

The Basics:

  • Record A Video Ad

 The foremost step to promote your brand through YouTube ads is to create a video ad. The good news is that this could be on any subject. You could opt to tell your story or focus your ad on topics that garner an audience. Seeking the aid of creative partners can help enhance your video ad. Once you have shot your video ad, you can move on to the next step. 

  • Devise A Sound Campaign

Outlining the results you expect from running your YouTube ad is a crucial step. It will help you choose the format, type, length of your ad. The outcome you wish to achieve will also depend on the amount you are willing to spend. A suitable ad campaign for your YouTube ad will increase your brand visibility and help you reach your audience better. 

  • Overview The Performance Results
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With all the balls rolling, you must make sure to keep a check on how your ad is doing. Overviewing the performance of your ad will enable you to gauge the positives and the negatives. It gives you an opportunity to add to what is working and rule out what is not.

How To Promote Your Brand Through YouTube Ads:

  • Ads That Are Creative

The power of creative YouTube ads can revolutionize your brand marketing. Put on your thinking caps and devise the most creative way to tell your story. A creative ad will hook your viewer; put your message across, and create a lasting brand impression. A single creative ad can help you rocket-fuel your brand visibility and image. You can choose to hire a trusted creative partner or brainstorm yourself.

  • Choosing The Correct Format

One must make a wise decision while choosing the format for their video ad. This choice largely depends on the end you want to meet with the ad. There are plenty of options at your disposal. As an advertiser, you can choose mainly between skippable ads, non-skippable ads, and bumper ads. Non-skippable ads are suitable if you are looking for a steep increase in brand awareness. You can ensure that your viewer does not skip your ad with strong creative.

  • Create An Omnipresence

When your audience sees you on different platforms, your brand is automatically more visible and receives promotions. YouTube ads are a great way to get yourself out there. People spend a lot of time watching videos, and your ad propping up will increase your brand visibility. And the good news, you ask? You pay when viewers watch your ad for over the first 30 seconds. In not, it is free. 

Benefits Of Using YouTube Ads For Brand Promotions:

  • Low CPM

YouTube CPM is low. So if you are looking for a way to spend your money better or maximize your marketing budget, you can look into YouTube ads. 

  • Free Brand Impressions
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As mentioned earlier, If a viewer skips your ad after the first 5 seconds, you do not pay. Similarly, if your ad is watched for less than the first 30 seconds, you do not have to spend a penny out of your pocket. But even in these cases, your brand impression is made. The next time viewers come in contact with your brand, they are sure to recognize your brand.

  • Ads That Play With Sound

Unlike other social media platforms, YouTube ads automatically play with the sound. Your viewer does not have to tap on the video to switch on the sound. A stat showed that 98% of YouTube ads get played with the sound. Thus, your ad makes a better brand impression and helps to promote it.

  • Global Reach

It is needless to point out the reach YouTube has globally. The stats and figures associated with the platform speak volumes about it. Naturally, the reach of the platform is directly proportional to the extent of your brand. Thus, advertising on YouTube is your best bet to promote your brand above and beyond great heights. 

  • Remarketing

YouTube ads serve as a great way to volunteer the interest of viewers who have previously come in contact with your brand. This contact could be on your website or your pages and so forth. Your YouTube ad can help you remarket your brand or business by targeting these viewers. 

  • You Only Need One Video To Start Out

 The element of utmost importance is the simplicity associated with using YouTube ads for brand promotions. Unlike a YouTube channel or other social media platforms that require more content to set the ball in motion, YouTube ads only need a single video to start. With a single video that is creative, engaging, tells your story, hooks your audience, you can promote your brand without having to put in great efforts. Make sure to put your best foot forward and nail it.

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YouTube ads are undeniably the most viable options for brands to dive into the promotional game. With the above-mentioned guide, and a little more digging, brands can catapult their popularity and generate more profits. Brand promotions through YouTube ads are a great way to generate leads and come in contact with a larger audience. 

Another aspect one must bear in mind is to ensure to tell your audience what to do next. Your ad must have a relevant CTA to help your leads go down the marketing funnel. With meaningful, relatable, simple video ads, you can garner the attention of your target audience and even stand the chance to have your video shared across platforms. Your omnipresence will make viewers search for your brand. 

YouTube ads are soon going to make their way into the video marketing strategies of every business. We suggest you avail of the benefits of this platform and kick your brand promotion game up a notch.