How To Extract and Copy Text from Images in Computer PC ?

How To Extract and Copy Text from Images in Computer PC ?
How To Extract and Copy Text from Images in Computer PC ?

Many of you are here to know how we can extract and copy text from images on our computer PC. so guys below we show five methods to to extract and copy text from images that you can encode and decode if you want to store some messages or text within any images. You can use these images for security purpose also.

Extract And Copy Text From Any Image: Sometimes, while dealing with the Images and other graphical stuff. Typing becomes an obsolete method. And, if the text in the image is quite big or lengthy. Then, GOD Knows – who can help you. Consider me as – one of the GOD’s angels to help you out in this condition. So, Today I’m gonna explain few methods that I’ve used in many cases.

Some of the Online services are far better than the offline services. But, In case – You have no access to the internet then, you need to know about them also. So, keeping that in mind – I’ve written this article to help you all. I hope that it will help you in handling your situation efficiently.

There are many cases when you need the text in an image in the editable form. But, As Graphics are quite different than Text Data. So, it becomes a pain in the butt. I’ve encountered such conditions while, My friend sent me an Image of the assignment, A text address on the board etc. So, Extracting and Copying text From Any Image In PC Becomes an important aspect for multiple needs.

How To Extract and Copy Text from Images in Computer PC ?
How To Extract and Copy Text from Images in Computer PC?

There are many ways, you can achieve this goal of extracting Text from images. But, Here in this article, I’m going to Show you the best of all that I’ve tried. So, without wasting any time. Let’s have a look at the methods.

Methods to Extract And Copy Text From Any Image:

There are mainly two methods for extracting text from any image, one of this Online and other one is using the program (offline). I’ll try to discuss both the methods separately below.

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#1 GT Text:

GT Text is one of the most known windows programs. Which, helps in reading text from the Images and Extract them out for Pasting in a simple text mode. GT Text reader supports TIFF, JPG, GIF, BMP and PNG file formats. So, it will probably good for your task.

  1. Simply open the Required Image in the Program.
  2. Select the area of an image, from which you want to extract the text. And, the program will Extract the Text from Image.
  3. Now, Open any text editing program.
  4. And, try to Press Ctrl + V.
  5. You’ll see the extracted text is printed on Screen.

#2 Project Naptha – Chrome Extension

Project Naptha – As the name of the Project Suggests. It is a thing. And, All you need to do is to add this amazing Google Chrome extension in your web browser. The Usage of the plugin is quite simple. And. You don’t even need to download the required image from which you want to extract the text. you can do this all things online. Just because of this amazing Extension. Let’s have a look updates usage.

  1. Download and add Project Naptha to Your Chrome Browser.
  2. Open Any Image and Select the Required Area – from where you want to Extract Text.
  3. Right Click > ‘Copy Text’ And, This should do the trick.

See, How simple it is to use this amazing extension. Try your hands on it too. I hope, you’ll find it useful. Let’s see the next Method to extract text from any image.

#3 Microsoft’s OneNote

If you are using the official Microsoft office tools – Such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint then You’ll definitely have the option of installing OneNote from the office suite. This Program is a great tool for the office files designing purposes. You can write the text in files anywhere – And, easily move it around anywhere inside the files. And, You can also fetch text from images from it.

  1. Open Onenote and Select a Blank Note.
  2. Select Insert > Pictures > From Files. And, Browse the Image from Your computer.
  3. Right Click > ‘Copy Text From Image’. And, It’s done.
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You’ve successfully copied the image text to your clipboard. Now, You can pass it anywhere You want on your computer. But, One thing I must say that – These technologies and methods are still evolving. So, they are getting updated day by day. You may get few flaws in the output of the programs – depending on the fonts and clarity of the text on the image.

In the end, I Hope – that you’ll like my article about ‘How To Extract And Copy Text From Any Image In PC‘. And, If you are in doubt or have any suggestion for the article. Just leave a comment below. I’ll try to help you out. Thanks for your time.