5 Best Ways to Play 8 Ball Pool Game Correctly

8 Ball Pool

Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool has been one of the most striking creations which the gaming industry has witnessed. It has been amongst the most popular games across the web as well as the Android and iOS platforms.

But what makes 8 Ball Pool so attractive? The mixture of simplicity and realism, which the game enjoys, has helped it to break records and reach the highest levels of popularity. But that’s not it, 8 Ball Pool offers the best multiplayer gaming experience in its class. This means you can enjoy the sport with your friends anytime on the go.

We will make sure that the next time you play the highly entertaining 8 Ball Pool, you compete like a pro and decorate your wall of fame with countless achievements.

8 Ball Pool
Follow these guidelines and taste the essence success.

1. Understanding 8 Ball Pool Game Rule

To master a game, you must know the rules. 8 Ball Pool to has many rules which you must be aware of. From running out of time for a shot to the cue ball not hitting your set of balls (stripes/spots), several factors can cost you a foul shot. So, always keep the following facts in the back of your head to avoid fouls:

• At least one ball (cue ball included) must hit the edge around the table.
• The final ball is always spotted at last.
• You lose the game if both the black ball and the cue ball get potted simultaneously.
• Potting the ‘8 ball’ from the break-off shot will not be a foul. The ball will be reset on the table.

Having said that 8 Ball Pool is incredibly realistic, the laws of Physics and Geometry are valid in the game and practising it time after time, keeping in mind the theories of Newton and Pythagoras, will make you an ace.
Practice is the key to mastering this game, and the more you prepare, the better results you will relish.

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2. Plan Into The Future

In 8 Ball Pool, a player who thinks ahead of time emerges as the most successful one. You must not quick-fire your shots and make use of the timer with patience. Turn on the “Tap to aim” option and set angles precisely. Think about where to leave the cue ball for making better shots in upcoming turns, which shots would fetch you to pot more number of balls, the power and spin you must apply, etc.

Judge a couple or more shots ahead and plan your strategy accordingly. You might not have as much time as you want due to the time constraint and so, you must act patiently instead of acting anxiously. Put just enough power in your shots to strike well and do not overpower your hit. Remember the softer you hit, the more precise it will be.

3. Selection Of Spots or Stripes

One of the most important decisions which determine your fate in the game is the assessment to select spots over stripes or stripes over spots.

One common mistake players make is that they choose the type of ball they have posted first. However, this isn’t an efficient way of making the selection and not compulsory. You must glance at the table to know how many balls are in portable position and which gives you the best chance to clear the table. You must think one or two shots upfront to make the best decision.

4. Cues With Different Attributes

The signal you choose will have a radical influence on your strategy. Every cue has different qualities which affect the Physics of your shots and consequently, your game plan.

There are four features of every signal namely:

• Force- The power with which you can hit the cue ball
• Aim- The length of your aim-line when taking a shot
• Spin- The amount of spin you can put on your shot
• Time- The amount of time you have to take your shot

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Having a superior cue doesn’t ensure victory, skills do. It is advisable to select the signal which suits your style of play. Whether you like to put power in your shots or believe in aiming the ball well or maybe you are the trickster who takes down the balls by spin; just stick to your requirements and attain expertise with the one single cue which suits you the best. Remember, your expertise is your pathway to success.

5. Managing Coins

Pool coins are the virtual currency in the 8 Ball Pool game. You can get this currency from any online 8 Ball Pool Hack No Survey Tool and use these coins to acquire valuable items which will boost your efficiency of play. These coins also help in getting you to enter into various lobbies with higher rank players and victory pots.

As 8 Ball Pool majorly relies on coins, you must manage their usage and spend them as efficiently as you spend your hard-earned real money. You must earn several times the entry cost before combating in a high-level match. This way even if you lose at first, you will not get bankrupt and can try again to amplify your investment.