How to Monetize Multiple Youtube Channels Under One Adsense Account ?

Here, Today I will teach you “How to Monetize Multiple Youtube Channels under One Adsense Account ?”. You already Know that there are many people who make Money from Youtube and Some of the Youtubers has Multiple Youtube Accounts. But According to Adsense policy, Each Person can make Only one Adsense account with his name and Address. So that’s why am Share simple steps to Monetize Multiple Youtube account under One Adsense Account.

Many of people keep asking me that how to add multiple youtube channels to AdSense? so here is the answer to all those people who still stuck in this situation. YES, you can add two or more youtube account to your one google Adsense account. It means you can link more than two youtube channel to AdSense account easily without any restriction. YouTube does not use any limits that you can’t add another youtube account with AdSense. You just need to associate your youtube channel to your existing google Adsense account and you almost work is done.


You already Know that Youtube has Billion of views Daily and It is very Easy to make money from Youtube. For Examples Like Celeb, Singers, and Artists. Once you Monetize your Video Youtube pay you as according to per View. So If you have Multiple Youtube Channels and You want to Receive Both Channel’s Earning So, Here is a Simple Guide that How to Monetize Multiple Youtube Channels under One Adsense Account ?. Many of newbie Face this Problem They confuse that how they get money from two Youtube Account in Single Adsense account.

How to Monetize multiple Youtube Channels Under One Adsense Account?

  1. Go to YouTube and Login Your Account. Click on Your Image Choose Subscription in Drop Down Menu Like Below Picture.Youtube Setting
  2. Here You See additional Feature Below and Click on ‘View Additional Feature’ Now this Page is the Main Page on Where We Work.Monetization Option in Youtube
  3. Click on View Monetization Setting Where You See the Six Question Below Now Click on “How Will I be Paid ?” It Expands in Two Line Where You find the Association Adsense Account Click on It.
  4. Click on NEXT
  5. Now Time to Select the Existing Adsense Account.          Connet Two YouTube Account with One Adsense Account
  6. Now You See the Screen like Above Shown Select ‘Use a Different or new Google Account’ rather that Click on Same Google Account that You Associate with Youtube.
  7. On the Next Step, It Will Ask You that Google Account that is Already Associated with Adsense Enter Email & Password Hit Enter and It Will Redirect Where They Said You want to Show ads on YouTube URL and Click NEXT and Then on Next Click Accept.test


  8. Now It Will Successfully Associate with Your Already Existing Adsense Easily Now Google Show you a for “Successful Association”.Monetization Successfull
  9. Click Next and Sign in You Previous Google Account. Now the Process is Finish.

This tutorial definitily help you out because here we clear your doubt that you can link two youtube channel to one single adsense account without any restrictions or make money with multiple youtube channels. Youtube not going to bother you that you are using 2 youtube channels or 5 youtube channles and linking to one adsense account. Basically adsense is the way to receive your youtube paymenst so they not apply any limits.


Guys There is No Problem to Associate Two or More YouTube Channels with One Google Adsense Account It is not Against the Adsense Policy So You can Freely Add Two Youtube Account with Single Adsense. If You have any Problem in this Tutorial so Please Comment Below We Will Solve Your Problem as Soon as Possible.

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