How to Update Windows Defender Manually Offline in Windows 10/8.1 ?

Manually Update Windows Defender – Now Most of the Windows users have Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 on their computers cause these are the default operating system in latest laptops, computers and on the other hand Windows 7 and Windows XP’s Support ended. For windows users, Antivirus is one of the most important software tool cause windows is easily infected by various types of viruses such as adware, spyware, and malware.

When they see that antivirus is one of the most important concerns for windows users so they add the new tool in their latest windows operating system known as Windows Defender work as same as other antivirus and recommended by Microsoft Windows.Sometimes install latest updates will Speed up your Computer Processing. When we install windows 10/8.1 it automatically installs the latest version of Windows Defender If you are connected to the internet. Otherwise, It installs only the default version of windows defender that comes with that windows package.

In this post, we show how you can manually update your Windows Defender or Security essentials antivirus easily with few simple steps. To see your antivirus in full working condition and have latest updated definitions you definitely need to update your windows defender antivirus in windows. There are other ways to download Windows defender antivirus but we demonstrate the best ay to manually update your windows antivirus. Basically, we show you how you can download this update in offline and save offline as you can manually update.

What is Windows Defender or Security Essentials?

Windows Defender or Security Essentials is inbuilt antivirus by Microsoft that came in windows operating system So you don’t need to install any third party antivirus tool. But many of users still use third-party antivirus tools in their opinions. Windows defender can help users to choose which software is helpful and which is spam tool or malware for an operating system.

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Many of you guys confuse between Windows Defender or Security Essentials So let me tell you Security Essentials is also the previous version of windows defender came into windows 8 operating system and soon they find out bugs and all so they change their name and features too and released in their new operating stem windows 8.1 and further windows 10 also. Now when you install Windows 8.1 or windows 10 so this will be your default antivirus in windows. If you want to change or disable it you can easily do that.

Why We need to Update Windows Defender:

There are million of hacking and cracking attempt performed by the hacker on windows, websites and social media. So there are new types of techniques used by hackers that many of antivirus didn’t aware about so if you want you will be safe from almost all these kind of attacks or spam you definitely need the latest version of antivirus. I  which they update their virus definitions so your antivirus can detect the latest kind of hacking tactics and techniques used by hackers.

Steps to manually update Windows Defender Offline in Windows 10/8.1:

  1. In first you need to check that what is your Windows bit architecture like It is 32 bit or 64 bit. After knowing that you should download your bit compatible update files from official Microsoft’s server. (If You don’t know how to check Which bit architecture your operating system running on just Right click on “This PC” and open properties and check your system type.)Steps to manually update Windows Defender Offline in Windows 10/8.1
  2. Go to these official websites links where they provide Microsoft’s Windows defender antivirus update file So you can manually download the update file and install it on your computer as latest update.
    Updates File for 32-bit (x86)
    Updates File for 64-bit (x64)
  3. We would recommend you that check bit architecture or system type of your computer and then accordingly download the right version of your antivirus. Cause 32 bit can’t be installed on 64 bit and 64 bit can’t be installed on 32 bit.
  4. After downloading just locate download folder and open the update file your downloaded from above links and install the update it will overwrite the windows defender files and install the latest version on your system
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From Editor’s Desk:

In above article, we show you guys how you can manually download windows defender file and download in your windows operating system as offline. We provide both files of the update antivirus by windows. But you need to download it accordingly your windows architecture.

If you stuck any kind of problem like you are not able to install this tool or not able to update windows defender antivirus so please leave the comment below. We will solve your problem as soon as possible.