How To Remove PDF Password on Windows & MAC ?

How to Remove PDF Password – Nowadays, PDF (Portable Document Format) is the best way to share and carry documents. You will find many reports, e-book, licence, bill, and many more things only in PDF format. Our banks also send all transactions history like e-passbook in PDF only every month and it becomes the best way.We all get many secure and useful data in PDF format with password only it, that means that we can only access that PDF file only with the password.

It is the best feature of PDF format file but when we upload these files on our google drive or somewhere we can’t search them because password protected file is not shown in search items and also if there are many PDF files and every PDF file has its own password then you have to remember them all but it is hard to memorise them. So, today in this article we are going to tell you an easy and fast way to remove pdf password and then you can access all your pdf files without entering the password as it gets removed.

Steps to remove PDF password with the help of Google Chrome :

You don’t have to download any kind of additional software for removing password from pdf file, as you can easily remove password from any PDF file only with your browser i.e. Google Chrome. As we all know Google Chrome has its own PDF viewer where you can open PDF files easily on Google Chrome. This feature of Google Chrome will help us to remove pdf password very easily with just a few clicks. Now, let’s take a look at a procedure to remove PDF password with the help of Google Chrome.

  1. First, if you have any kind of Password protected PDF file then open it on your Google Chrome browser. I think you know how to do open PDF file in Google Chrome but if you don’t know, Right click on your PDF file and go to open with and select more and then open it with Google Chrome.
  2. If you don’t have any password protected PDF file, then you can download This File for practise purpose and its Password is “labnol“.
  3. Now enter the password of your PDF file to open it on your Google Chrome browser.Remove PDF Password on Windows & MAC
  4. When your PDF file get fully opened on your browser then go to File menu and click on Print button or you can also use Ctrl + P for Windows user and Cmd + P for Mac users.Remove PDF Password on Windows & MAC 1
  5. When print dialogue box will appear then click on change and on the next screen you need to choose printer destination “Save as PDF”.how-to-remove-pdf-password-2
  6. Now, click on “Save”
  7. Then save it anywhere in your Computer and Now you can access it without any password.
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Yes, now your saved PDF file will not ask any kind of password for opening it. Google Chrome saved that password protected PDF file without any password on your Computer. If you don’t have Google Chrome browser then you can download it from HERE or if you don’t want to download Google Chrome browser then you should follow below steps to remove password from your PDF file without Google Chrome.

How to remove password from PDF file without Google Chrome :

You have to download BeCyPDFMetaEdit software for removing PDF file passwords.

When yo will open this software, it will ask you the location of the file from which you want to remove the password and save it in an unprotected format. Select that file and change its mode to “Complete Rewrite”. Now, you have to switch to Security tab and set “security system” to “No-encryption”. Then, Save the new file by click on “Save” button to remove password from that PDF file and save new format of same PDF file on your computer.

From Editor’s Desk :

Guy, Above is the simplest way to remove PDF password and access any pdf file without any password. We hope this article really solved your problem but if not then comment your query below in comments. We will reply you as soon as possible and try to solve your problem. Keep visiting our site.