How To Speed Up Internet Using Command Prompt in Windows 10/8.1/7 or XP ?

How To Speed Up Internet Using Command Prompt
How To Speed Up Internet Using Command Prompt

Today, we are going to show you how we can speed up internet speed using CMD(Command Prompt) because many of people using windows tricks and tools to boost their internet speed but In this method, you don’t need any third party tool to boost your internet speed. You can hack your internet speed using CMD in windows 10, windows 8.1/7 and XP too. On the internet, there are many ways to speed up internet speed Like Hack DNS For Faster Internet Speed but many of are not working because they expire. So by using this method you can almost boost internet speed in any windows using CMD. It is a most reliable way to speed up your internet connection speed.

Speed Up the Internet Using CMD(Command Prompt): In this time of Internet, the more you get the better you are. But, Due to many factors – Developing countries can’t provide High-Speed Internet to their Citizens. But, not all the time it is the someone else’s fault. Sometimes, The Slow speed of internet is due to Your Own Good Operating System. And, Windows seems to be worst among all.

So, Keeping all the problems of Windows with Internet Speed. I’m Going to tell you about few magical commands – which can make your Day much more easier. All you need to do is to write Right Words at a right place. These will definitely help you in Speed Up Internet. We are going to use Windows own utility Tool named as – CMD or Command prompt for this purpose. So, without any further delay – let’s Have a look at the Commands. how to increase internet speed using cmd in windows 10

4 Best Ways to Speed Up the Internet Using Command Prompt:

Command Prompt is a Simple tool to troubleshoot many problems related to windows. But, Most of us don’t know about its right usage. If one knows how to manipulate things using CMD. Then, one has almost full access to all the hidden features of the Operating System. That’s why its knowledge is important. So that’s why here we are going to show you the best ways to speed up internet speed using CMD in Windows 10/8.1/7 and XP. You can also do much stuff using CMD but these are the most useful CMD Tricks that you need to follow and boost up your internet speed.

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How To Speed Up Internet Using Command Prompt
How To Speed Up Internet Using Command Prompt

You can simply access Windows Command Prompt, by just Searching ‘CMD‘ in Windows. Just Right click on the Result and Click on – “Run as Admin”. When you’ll open it. You’ll see a Black Colored Screen with a blinking cursor inside. This screen is called Command Prompt.

#1. Check Current Internet Speed:

Before, Speeding up Your Internet – We need to make a baseline. And, From this baseline, we can check – whether the Internet is boosted or not. So, be with me and keep following these following Steps:

  1. Write Ipconfig /all

    Check Current Internet Speed
    Check Current Internet Speed
  2. From the List Appeared on CMD, Look for the ‘Default Gateway‘ Option.
  3. Note Down the Number in front of it. e.g.
  4. Write ‘CLS‘ to clear all the current mess from the screen.
  5. Write ‘Ping -t {Your Noted Number}‘. e.g. ‘ping -t’
  6. Now, again Open CMD separately. Without closing the previous one.
  7. So, that we can compare the Initial and Final results in the End.

#2. Resetting the Current Ports & Settings for (Speed Up Internet):

Resetting the Ports can also help in speed up internet. So, We are simply going to release all the Unwanted IPs from our Connection ports. And, Create fresh IPs. Follow the steps carefully:

  1. Simply write Ipconfig /release in the Newly opened CMD window.

    Resetting the Current Ports & Settings for (Speed Up Internet)
    Resetting the Current Ports & Settings for (Speed Up Internet)
  2. After the complete execution of the Command. Just Type – Ipconfig /renew + Enter.
  3. Now, You have successfully reset the Ports and IPs.

Sometimes, windows Store the DNS settings in order to access the things faster. But, This leads to the usage of outdated settings. And, to make them Newly updated – You need to clear away the older ones. Thus, Simply Type Ipconfig /flushdns. This will simply clear the older settings and windows will add new one automatically.

#3. Turn ‘AutoTuning’ & ‘Heuristics’ OFF:

Autotuning & Heuristic are the parameters those windows keep in order to maintain various things in the OS. But, The user has no use for them. They are not essential and if, they are using additional internet bandwidth. Then, they should be eliminated to get the max out of your internet connection.

  1. In the CMD, Type – netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disable

    Turn 'AutoTuning' & 'Heuristics' OFF
    Turn ‘AutoTuning’ & ‘Heuristics’ OFF
  2. Now, Press the Up Arrow Key, and replace netsh interface TCP set global heuristics=disable
  3. Now, Just type ‘CLS‘ to clear up the Screen Junk.

#4. Checking Internet Speed Boost:

Checking Internet Speed Boost
Checking Internet Speed Boost

Like in the first step, Now – you need to type Ping -t {Your Noted Number}‘. e.g. ping -t Now, You can Simply Compare the time parameter and the average time for the Ping. In both, Initial and final Case. You’ll notice the drastically drop in the time in the final case. This is all because The Lesser the time the more will be your internet speed. So, now Your internet is not getting waste on crap things – but, being useful for the purpose it is meant for.

From Editor’s Desk:

In the End, I think – you’ll like this article about Speed up internet using Command Prompt. And, if you have any doubt about any step. Above four are the best ways to hack DNS speed using CMD hacks so you definitely use these CMD tricks because In these tricks you don’t need any third party tool that you can use to boost up your internet speed. If you face any type of problem in this article so guys please let us know in comments we solve your problem as soon as possible.

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