How to Hide Gallery Photos in Android with Gallery Lock ?

Hide Gallery Photos in Android – Android is now the giant of smartphone operating system and mostly used by many of known companies like Samsung, Motorola, micromax, lenovo and more. Android is come with many new crazy features in every update of their operating system so here we show how to use these features and apps that you used to make your task easy. in previous time, I notice that many of android user talk about the “hide gallery pictures” and i searched on google about that and find a kickass solution to hide gallery pictures in any android phone with one small android app.

You just need to install and learn how to use this app and hide your desired photos and videos in that app. the app name is “Gallery Lock (Hiden Pictures)” and it is free on google play store. This app is also features by Time Magazine that is very proudly said by the app developers. Now it have 4.4 user rating on google play store and rated by many end users.

Steps to Hide Gallery Photos in Android :

  1. Firstly go to Google play store and search for this app “Gallery Lock (Hiden Pictures)” or directly go to the app page here.
  2. click on install button and after installation you see the gallery lock icon in your phone. just click on it and they ask you to enter default password that is 7777 just enter and you are now in gallery lock.Hide Gallery Photos in Android
  3. now you need to add photos and videos to hide your gallery pic, photos, image and videos in it.
  4. It is alike the gallery in which you can hide the main gallery items easily.

NOTE : If you uninstall this app without unhide your photos and videos you will be lost all of your data like photos, images, pics and videos too. so guys carefully use this app. If You face any problem regarding this post just leave comment below. You can check out more Android Hacks  and learn many new things about android and learn how you effectively use android devices.

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