Where do escorts live in Sydney?

Sydney is a huge city with over 500 suburbs. Each suburb has different things that attract it to a large array of people. There is also the unwritten rule that many different nationalities will move to different suburbs of their own kind. This is no different for people who work in different jobs across the greater area fo Sydney. But where do all the Sydney escorts stay? Well in this article we will be listing the top suburbs in Sydney where escorts call home. Sydney is one of the best places in Australia to meet an escort for a fun night of crazy parties. So sit back, relax and let us tell you where the top Sydney escorts live from websites like Skissr.


Darlinghust – A dodgy base for gangland activity no longer, Darlinghurst is another suburb which has been swept up in the wave of inner-city Sydney gentrification and now serves as a launchpad for an easy on-foot commute for those working in the city. Darlinghurst has changed over the years and it may not hurt so much anymore, darling, relics of those bygone times can be found on every lively, terrace-lined street. From the East Village Hotel, formerly notorious criminal hangout the Tradesman’s Arms, to the foreboding sandstone walls of the National Art School (née Darlinghurst Gaol), the storied history of Darlinghurst is deeply embedded within the heart of the suburb. But maybe you’re not a history buff, and you’re here for the nightlife which is a great reason for all the escorts living here. If that’s the case, Oxford Street has still got it, with Bitter Phew, Big Poppa’s and Shady Pines being my watering holes of choice. You can also swing over to Stanley Street, and visit their intimate collection of restaurants and small bars. I’d say check out Brick Lane for excellent Indian fusion cuisine, then visit The Long Goodbye, a cocktail bar without a menu – tell them your mood and they’ll invent you a drink! And of course, Kings Cross is only a short stumble away. No Australian suburb has captured the nation’s imagination quite like Darlinghurst: from Tilly Devine’s infamous razor gangs of the 1920’s and Kenneth Slessor’s colourful suite of poems “Darlinghurst Nights”, up to Paul Kelly’s immortal line in this review’s title, the mystique and mythology embedded in this historic suburb is second to none. Due the location of this suburb recent studies have shown that over 1000 escorts is working and living in this area.

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Randwick – It is home to several renowned Sydney institutions including the Royal Randwick Racecourse, the Prince of Wales Hospital, and the iconic Ritz Cinema – just one of the many heritage buildings in the area. It is also a distinguished education hub, playing host to the University of New South Wales, Sydney Institute of Tafe and a wide range of government and independent schools. The traditional owners are the Bidjigal and Gadigal peoples of the Eora Nation, who used the area for fishing and cultural activities. Randwick’s present-day name comes from a village in Gloucestershire, England, birthplace of the six-time mayor of Randwick, Simeon Henry Pearce. These range from 1960s and ’70s blocks to charming Tudor and Gothic-influenced apartments. If you’re looking for the best Sydney has to offer, Randwick in the city’s east has got it all covered. Just eight kilometres from the CBD and two kilometres from the coast, Randwick is the bridge between the city and the east. Perfect for those who love to experience life in the fast lane but not live in it. Beyond the hustle and bustle, Randwick is primarily residential. The majority of its homes are apartments catering to working professionals and students. Whatever the occasion, all eyes are on Randwick. This suburb all has many international travellers who stay here. There are many sex workers in Sydney that come here to work and travel. With the high amount of travellers its no wonder there are many sex workers located in Randwick.


You can find escorts all over in Sydney and in all suburbs but these inner city suburbs are the places in Sydney city with the highest concentration of escorts. If you are looking to hire escorts n these cities make sure you check out Skissr for the best adult services in NSW.

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