Goodnight mommy explained

Goodnight mommy explained

Psychological thrillers are great to raise eyebrows. They have a unique perspective of life which takes memorable turns leading to creepy, sometimes suspicious drama. The movie goodnight mommy explained here has a clear take on life and family where families today have lost communication. Due to the hectic lifestyle for personal agendas, there is very little communication between the family members, leading to broken families. The movie talks about how a family can go into a bad ending, although there is a lot of hope in life. Many questions arise from the 2014 released thriller movie where the young mother tries to begin a new journey through facial reconstructive surgery, which takes a toll on her life and becomes the reason for her death. Keep reading to find the movie’s plot. Be aware of the spoilers ahead.

This movie is a realistic depiction of how the family members lead their life in today’s world where each family member carries their demons and conceals the hidden secrets, which become a huge problem in the future. In this movie, there are 4 characters; in the beginning, it is a happy family of two twins’ mother and father. However, after the parents get separated, the mother starts living with the kids. Sadly, one of the twins – Lucas, dies, and his mother and Elias are depressed and tired of the consequences they have been facing in their lives. Due to the strong bond with his brother Elias cannot stop imagining the dead twin. He keeps him alive in his imagination. He erases the death from his memory.

At the beginning of the movie, it is seen that the mother also tries to connect with Elias and encourages his illusions with her actions. As the movie proceeds, the mother stops playing along with Elias’s delusions.

The next thing that we find in the movie is the turning point or the film’s crux where the mother decides to begin a new journey. She wants to do something to have a better, happy life. For that, she uses facial surgery so that she looks beautiful. This is her way to start a new life. Everybody has their take to begin after a strong jolt or an accident in their life. Here the mother decides what to do; however, again, we find the loophole, which is the family’s poor communication because she doesn’t share her plans with Elias.

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How does the mother behave after surgery?

She comes back from the surgery and starts behaving strangely. Yet there is no scene in the movie that shows that the mother is possessed. After she gets the cosmetic surgery done, the mother behaves suspiciously. But it is not because she is possessed. She is just overtired, and she starts accepting the reality that one twin is dead. She gets angry and agitated and refuses to play with Elias, and she refuses to keep the dead twin alive in his memory. Still, because she acts very strangely, Elias thinks, and he believes that she is possessed or she is not his mother; therefore, this bad idea in his mind leads to disastrous situations in the movie.

What do you think about the forest scene? 

The forest scene is entirely an imagination of Elias as it is his psychotic imagination that leads him to feel that bugs are coming out of his mother. It is his psychological imbalance that shows in the movie. Even on his wall, you would find the wallpaper has ants crawling all over them. The ugly idea of Elias’s imagination hidden under the home’s shiny walls depicts his thoughts.

Is Lucas a demon? Is he haunting Elias?

Lucas is dead; if you observe at the movie’s beginning, both the twins are seen playing in the water; they take dips into the water and count. An accident occurs where we see that Lucas takes a plunge into the water but doesn’t rise above it as we see bubbles which means he drowned.

Elias keeps imagining him and continues talking to him in the movie. We also see that their mother offers breakfast only to Elias and says that Lukas is not seen at the end of the film.

The ending:

It is grueling because it shows the heights of a person’s sad, depressing situation. Unfortunately, today people are so alone even while living in the same house. Since Elias has all the wrong ideas in his mind and his imagination has led to schizophrenic behavior. He glues his mother to the floor. He sets her and the house on fire in the end. You also find the mother’s soul coming out of the house after she dies. Still, we don’t know if Elias is also dead inside, so it is to the audience’s imagination that he would be a sad soul if Elias were alive. He would destroy others as well, even in the future, but he would want to unite with his mother and his brother afterlife if they had.

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The moral is because of the poor communication in the family, everyone feels alone and miserable, leading to mental disorders provoking destructive thoughts.