3+ Ways to Upload Video to Instagram from Computer Directly

3+ Ways to Upload Video to Instagram from Computer Directly
3+ Ways to Upload Video to Instagram from Computer Directly

Are you looking for the ways to upload videos to Instagram From your computer directly? Are you looking for alternative ways to upload videos on Instagram? Then, my dear friend you are in the right place. Because Today I Am going to talk about three ways to upload videos to Instagram From computer directly. So, without any delay let’s directly jump into the methods to upload videos to Instagram.

3 Ways Upload Video to Instagram from Computer Directly
3 Ways Upload Video to Instagram from Computer Directly

Ways to Upload Video to Instagram from Computer Directly

These days when everyone is posting professional content on Instagram accounts. Everyone needs to edit and trim their videos using some professional video editing software. And these things you can only do in a computer, so after editing a video it is very difficult to send it to the mobile and then upload it from there.

Thus, we need some methods to upload directly from the computer itself. So, based on my experience and a little research about uploading videos to Instagram using a desktop computer. I have found some ways, so I am going to talk about them here in the following section of this article.

Some Rules from Instagram

But comma before knowing about how to upload videos to Instagram using the desktop computer. You must know about some basic rules that Instagram has prescribed that you should follow in your  video here is a list of the rules:

  •  Can be only of 15 MB at max.
  •  Video length can be only of 60 seconds.
  •  Frame rate should be 30 frames per second
  •  The format of videos should be mp4
  •  And the maximum dimension of the video must be 1080p

#1 Cloud Storage Method

It is the simplest and easiest trick to follow is using the cloud storage services method. Just simply install dropbox your computer and upload the edited video to the dropbox via computer and now I also install Dropbox in your smartphone. And, on your smartphone tap and hold on the video that you have shared. Select the option calling  Share And select the instagram, facebook, twitter and any other social networking platform.

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 This one is very easy method and you can simply share any video using this method. Another brick is to email the video to yourself and tthen download and Re upload The videos on instagram. That may be llonger process then using the dropbox but people are using that one also.

#2 Iconosquare

Iconosquare is a great platform. But, it is paid as you need to buy the plant that begins from 9 usd per month. But the benefits of buying the premium plan is too much. You can schedule your posts, how much traffic you have engaged wire that media content and the engagement of the media content with the audience you can get all this premium details by buying the premium account so i decided to include this one also in the list you must give this one a try.

#3 Using the Gramblr

 Gramblr is a great alternative for uploading videos to instagram using a computer. This is a desktop app that you can install and then you can use it for uploading media to the online platforms. The simplest method is to login your instagram account via gramblr. Aand then simply drag and drop touch media content that you want to upload on your instagram account. One of the best thing about gramblr is that it allows you to schedule your content. And you can upload the media at your desired time. But make sure that the gambler application is running on your computer in order for it to work.

From the Editor’s Desk

That is all from my side. If you know any better method to upload videos to instagram using the desktop. Then, please let me know about it in the comments field below. I will try to add them in the article to help all other users. Thanks for your time and faith. I’ll see you in the next article.

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