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best Solar battery

Solar battery

A solar battery is a solar-powered gadget that stores energy for later use. After dark, at peak energy demand, or during a power outage, the stored electricity is used. A battery is an additional component that allows you to store energy generated by your panels and use it at a later time, such as when your panels are no longer producing electricity in the evening.

How Does Solar Battery Storage Work?

The battery stores extra energy from your solar PV system. This implies that any surplus energy produced by your solar panels may be stored in it and used when they aren’t producing enough.

Consider the following factors when selecting a battery for energy storage:

  • Battery life and warranty – A battery’s lifespan ranges from five to fifteen years, though it is predicted to rise dramatically over time to keep up with the proliferation of solar panels. Battery warranties are usually expressed in years or cycles; for example, the Loom Solar batteries give three or five years warranty.
  • Power capacity- The total quantity of electricity that the battery can store is referred to as its power capacity. Because solar batteries are typically stackable, you can have many battery storages at home to boost capacity.
  • Depth of discharge (DoD)- The Depth of Discharge assesses a battery’s usability in relation to its entire capacity. If a battery has a 100% DoD, it indicates you may use the entire battery storage capacity (for example, 2.5kWh) to power your home. When a battery says it has a 94% DoD, that indicates you can use up to 94% of its capacity.

The best solar battery in India for inverter is selected on the basis of above three factors. As we are Indians, so one another factor that makes the best solar battery in India for inverter is price. According to Loom Solar, the price of a battery is also determined by its capacity and the number of years it has been under warranty. We are well aware that national and local manufacturers produce batteries, but how can we be certain that we are paying the correct price for the correct product? If you intend to make a long-term investment in a battery, you should thoroughly investigate the manufacturer. So, now you can go to Loom Solar’s online or physical store and compare the pricing of several battery manufacturers.

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Where to find best solar battery in India for Inverter?

You can compare the all the factors that are explained above in order to get yourself an optimal solar battery for your household. If we talk about the best in the market when it comes to solar batteries there is only one name that comes to mind i.e., Loom Solar ATOM Batteries, which are powered by lithium cells, are manufactured by Loom Solar. It has a portable design, a long battery life, and a bigger backup battery capacity. It is a lead-free alternative to typical lead-acid batteries, which are used in inverters, street lights, and portable machines. The Lithium Battery Cells utilised in this battery are also used in Electric Vehicles including cars, motorcycles, and cell phones.