Top 8 Best Skype Alternatives for Free Video Calling and Online Meeting

Best Skype Alternatives for Free Video Calling
Best Skype Alternatives for Free Video Calling

Best Skype Alternatives for Free Video Calling: Skype is always the best for video calls, conferences, and online meeting. But sometimes there are issues with Skype and it could not connect easily. There is a latest new also that Skype is shutting down its services for desktops which creates problems in signing in Skype on desktops.

So, I am going to talk about the different alternatives for Skype for video calling, conferences, online meeting etc. which provides advanced features also to its users. There are many features needed by the users such as Instant Messaging, Sync, Group video calls, File sharing, Video call Recording, VoIP, Platform Support and much more.

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As we all need some alternatives for Skype as due to its latest news of shutting down its desktop services and other is it deletes all the chats when it once deleted by the user from its system.

Best Skype Alternatives for Free Video Calling
Best Skype Alternatives for Free Video Calling

Best Skype Alternatives for Free Video Calling

So, here are some Alternatives for Skype which would help you out for Video Calling, Conferences, Online meeting etc. They are as follows. It all depends on you – which one you want to select. I’ve sorted them as per the user popularity data. Let’s have a look at them.

#1. Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime is a newly launched app for video calling from the renowned company named Amazon. The Application is for online business meetings use but you can try it for 30 days. It has very attractive features which make it competing with Skype. It is available for Windows, Mac, Android, Ios. And,  It is  a fully cloud-based app that made you synced with all your devices. You can find many great features like Instant Messaging, Video and voice call, etc.

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#2. Google Hangouts

It is the latest Skype Alternatives where you can do Chatting, Video calling etc. for free of cost. In this you Gmail id will be your Google Hangout id. It is for Chrome web store, Android, Ios. Users. It is a 100% free app you can invite yours friend over Gmail and enjoy its features.

#3. OOvOO

This is one of the popular app for video calling, where you can do high quality video calling, voice calls, Instant messages to anyone throughout the world. It also provides high quality video calling for groups. OOvOO also gives you feature in which you can text the other user while video calling. It is available for free of cost and you can use this app on your mobile easily.

#4. VSee

It provides you unlimited video calling for free of cost. Vsee started as consultant for health regarding issues for people. It offers you easy file sharing and 720p HD video calling. It also offers you 1 screen share a day but if you want to increase the screen share you can sign up to its paid version.

#5. Uber Conference

It is not a video calling app it provides you audio conferencing. Which provides you the best quality for audio conferencing. And, It is available free of cost and paid version is also available. Uber offers you 10 calls at a time and 100 callers in paid version. You can save the audio or lock too and do high quality audio conferencing

#6. IMO

It is one of the popular apps for video calling and many people are using this app in their mobiles. The user will not face any problem while using this app and it is easy to learn app. It is for Android and Ios users. IMO has been popular in a short number of time and many users. It has many impressive features.

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#7. Jitsi

Jitsi is another great video calling app. And, available is for chatting and video calling and has some unique features like voice messaging, instant messaging, file transferring, etc. It is available in 30different languages. You can use Facebook, Messenger, and other in this app with this all your instant messages come under one roof. It is for Windows, Mac, Linux users. It a unique app where you do not need to install other apps.

#8. Viber

It is started as mobile app for communicating via voice and text messages but now it is also available for Windows and Mac users. You can do free calling over this app by installing viber on both the devices. It is free of cost. You can do calling on land line numbers at low cost and its is also ad free app.

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