Why SQLbak is the Perfect SQL Database Backup System ?

Why SQLbak is the Perfect SQL Database Backup System
Why SQLbak is the Perfect SQL Database Backup System

SQL Server database backups should take place on a routine basis. If you have a large number of databases to manage or if you are busy otherwise, it is highly likely that you skip on those essential backups.

SQLbak is a software that can simply automate the entire process, thus taking off lots of burden off your shoulder.It is much more than just a backup automation software. This application can alert you if the server is down and also provide server ‘health’ status notifications. It will monitor your database so that you can relax. And when it comes to restoring the backup, all it takes is a single click.

Easiest to Use SQL Database Backup Software

SQLbak is the easiest to use SQL Server database backup software you can find. Whether you have a single database to manage or a large number of complex and massive Server databases, this application helps you stay on top of it. Whether you want to manage your own database or that of your clients, it provides you a single dashboard, including a web-based interface to control backups, settings, and monitoring from one place.

 Use SQL Database Backup Software
Use SQL Database Backup Software

It is extremely easy to setup the software. Download SQLbak and install on the PC/Mac running the SQL server database. Once you register for an account, you will get access to a dashboard, which can be customized to your preferences.

You don’t have to use a complicated interface. A simple user interface is provided so that anyone with any level of expertise can use this application. Even configuring and personalizing your dashboard is a breeze. It will take you through the entire process, in a step-by-step manner.

SQLbak allows you to schedule your backup on a periodic basis and even on preferred date.

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Highly Secure

SQLbak also provides high level of security when it comes to accessing your database. It generates a secret key to create connection between your SQLbak account and the server machine. So you can remain assured that no one else can ever access your account.
Scheduling backups is a breeze. Select the SQL server, choose the authentication medium and add a new job.

Leverage the Power of the Cloud

Cloud storage is the latest buzz in the industry. If you can take backups to your Cloud accounts, your database backups will be available anywhere and at any time. The Cloud also offers a level of reliability and stability that your local server machines cannot provide.
With SQLbak, you can also schedule your backups to the Cloud. Select any of the top Cloud solutions available in the market, including Google Drive, OneDrive and Amazon S3. It also supports FTP and allows you to schedule SQL database backups on your local machine or external HDD.

Monitoring – Get Email Alerts

Database server monitoring is a major concern for database administrators. You want to be alerted instantly if there is any performance issue or if the server goes down. There are quite expensive programs available in the market to address this aspect of database management. With SQLbak you can get these alerts on your email. It monitors the server’s ‘health’ and keeps you up-to-date.

There are different plans from SQLbak with different status alert intervals, starting from once every 60 minutes to 5 minutes.


SQLbak has both free and paid plans. The premium plan is quite affordable and offers all the features, making it the ideal choice. This SQL database backup and monitoring software is easy-to-use and highly reliable. It has a unique feature to monitor and alert about the server’s health. You can start with a free plan to check its performance or even check the trial version of the paid plan to get a feel of its functioning.

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