How to Watch YouTube Videos Faster Without Buffering ?

Watch YouTube Videos Faster – There are Millions of People Who use YouTube to Watch YouTube Videos Online because now that time youtube is the king of all streaming site. The reason behind the youtube is it have all types of videos that people use to watch funny videos, songs, movies, inspirational, TV series etc.

But there is a common problem faced by many peoples who have slow internet connections in their countries. So guys, don’t worry we came up with latest YouTube trick that increases your buffering speed almost double and Watch YouTube Videos Faster so you can easily watch your favourite video instead of download.

Watch YouTube Videos Faster

You just need to install a Google Chrome and Mozilla Extension names “SmartVideo fro YouTube” that play your Video faster as compared to normal YouTube streaming. Basically, it blocks the unused resources that consumed by youtube and server you a better streaming speed. When you play youtube video it shows option below the video in which you must sure that smart buffer is checked and you can also change its default preference 42% to your desired one.

Steps to Watch YouTube Videos Faster Without Buffering:

  1. Firstly you need to Download & Install the Extension for Browser named “SmartVideo for YouTube”. It available for both Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox.
  2. After that, you can see that options below YouTube video. It shows the “Smart Buffer rate” or Start playing when buffered” Only. But you can also check out more setting by clicking on “Global Preference” Option. You can also change the Smart Buffer rate.How to Watch YouTube Videos Faster Without Buffering ?
  3. You can Change the setting in Global Preference Page like Smart Buffer, Save Bandwidth and Hide player pop-ups.Steps to Watch YouTube Videos Faster Without Buffering
  4. Now just Try to watch high-quality videos on youtube and it plays very smoothly without buffering. That’s an enjoyable moment when you watch videos on youtube with buffering.
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Guys, you see that if we use technology in the better way so it becomes very helpful for us. Like in the above Youtube trick you can learn to Watch YouTube Videos Faster as compared to the standard speed of youtube. There are many Tricks to increase youtube buffering speed but here is best one method to Play youtube video faster without buffering.