7 Tricks To Keep Your Video Calls Private

Video Calls Private

Due to the ongoing pandemic, many people rely on video calls to communicate with their loved ones or fulfill their duties and responsibilities while working from home. For this reason, most businesses and professionals have started to use various platforms to streamline communication lines.  -Video Calls Private

Unfortunately, due to digital privacy issues and data breaches, no platform can ensure the security and privacy of your sensitive information. However, there are several solutions you can consider to keep your video calls private.

For example, if you’re using platforms like Omegle to meet new people, you can take advantage of using a proxy for Omegle. Below are the other tricks to ensure your video call’s privacy:

Tricks To Keep Your Video Calls Private

  • Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi hotspots appeal to hackers due to the lack of authentication, enabling them to make a network connection easily. It also provides hackers unrestricted access to unprotected devices connected to the network. So, if you want to keep your video calls private, avoid using public Wi-Fi.

Remember that cybercriminals and hackers are opportunistic people who will do anything to steal your data. To beat them and lessen their chances of accessing your data, use a secure Wi-Fi connection or virtual private network (VPN) for your video calls. VPNs may also come in handy to get unbanned quickly if you’re using Omegle and happen to get banned. Visit Here 

  • Disable Browser Cookies After And Before Video Calls

Some video conferencing platforms may share your data with third parties without getting your permission or notifying you. The best solution to protect yourself from this kind of fake id card for verification data sharing is to clear your browser cookies each time you make or end video calls.

The reason behind it is that third parties may leverage cookies to gather information about you and may even give way for malicious attackers to access your accounts without passwords. By deleting your browser cookies, you limit the amount of data that platforms can gain about you, providing you with more control over your sensitive data.

  • Take Advantage Of Your Video Call App’s Additional Privacy Features
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Regardless of the platform or app you’re using for video calling, make sure to explore its settings and look for the advanced or additional privacy features it offers. For example, some platforms come with advanced features to help you find anyone with email and phone numbers. With these features, you can be sure that you’ll be connected only with people you know.

  • Protect Every Video Call With ID Numbers Or Unique Passwords

If your chosen platform allows you to set up a unique password and ID number, be sure to enable them for all your video calls. If you’re not the host, you may request somebody else to do it. Some options, like being able to authorize all members before joining, can be offered to restrict access to your video calls.

  • Know The Rules

Before you use any video call apps, it pays to do your research to know the ins and outs. Check if video calls can be recorded, consider the details on how your account data could be used, and be sure about those who can join your video calls and how they can join.

For example, downloading your app’s chat log alongside a video call will include the private chats between call participants. Although it’s not an issue if everybody’s civil, you might not want others to know what you’ve discussed during the presentation, especially if it’s a confidential project.

You also have to know where the data will be stored, mainly if you’re dealing with sensitive documents and information. For example, depending on how you configure the apps, they may save data directly to your device or external storage.

  • Download Reliable Apps

Another trick to keeping your video calls private is downloading a reliable video conferencing solution. Before downloading:

  • Check the number of people who downloaded the app.
  • Read user reviews.
  • Consider the app’s ranking.
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You can also read some reviews on other review platforms and social media. This will help you determine fake apps during the process.

It’s essential to note that even though an app is genuine, it’s wise to limit giving unnecessary permission. For instance, disable access to your contact list and precise location.

  • Update Your Video Calling App

Each update brings something new that can provide you with a fantastic experience when making video calls. In addition, keeping your app updated can keep you safe from potential security issues. You also have to keep yourself updated with news about your app, as it may come in handy to protect your data and keep your video calls secure.


Video calls are no doubt convenient for everyone to communicate with others, whether for work or personal purposes. Although most platforms aim to make video calls secure for their users, none of them can offer you a security guarantee. So, make sure to follow the above tricks to keep your video calls private and stay updated with your app’s privacy and security features.