7 Best Free Text to Speech (TTS) Software (2020)

Here is the Best Text speech software that can convert your textual data into audio files. It works on the simple process of reading the textual words via Artificial Intelligence technology. These are the best text to speech software with natural voices.

Most of the best text to speech software is to make eLearning courses, Digital books, Maps navigation, Voice assistant, and much more. You can use text to speech software to convert your digital books into audiobooks and listen to them. Isn’t this an exciting concept? Let us learn more about this softwares.

 List of Top Best Free Text To Speech Software

1. ESpeak – Best Text to Speech Software

It is a free open source text to speech software with a simple user interface. It is effortless to navigate and use. Its TTS engine is obvious and understandable. You can easily convert your textual documents into audio files and can even read them aloud in real-time.

It also allows custom text; you have to put some text, converting it into audio. Later on, you can export those audio files in Wav and Mp3 formats.

2. Natural Reader

As you can suggest from the name itself, it’s a Text to speech engine that gives you natural voice output. Natural Reader won’t look as cracky and noisy as other TTS engines as it is a much-refined version of them. It will read text aloud, read emails, PDF documents, web pages, word documents, etc.

It uses Microsoft voice for delivering natural audio output. Furthermore, it is straightforward to use. Select any text on your computer screen and press the hotkeys to read it aloud. It’s very convenient and easy.

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3. Read4Me TTS Clipboard Reader

It is a great TTS tool that will read out the text which is staying in your clipboard. It uses SAPI5 text to speech voice engine to achieve that. If you already have installed SAPI5, you can use it to read up text inside your clipboard by hitting a hotkey.

Furthermore, you can customize the hotkey and key combinations, which gives you speech output. You can also change speech style, the rate of speech, languages, pitch, and loudness of the speech output. Later on, you can also save those audio files’ speeches as an MP3 format for future use.

4. Ivona

It’s much like a small extension rather than a heavy, bulky TTS software. It is modern text to speech software based on modern multi-language text to speech technology. Ivona has a dedicated development team that is improving the text to speech output with regular updates.

They provide top class voice quality and accuracy with high-quality audio output. The best part is that you will get award-winning, easy technical support whenever you face any difficulty. If you are looking for a realistic text to speech engine, Ivona is a good product.

5. Ultra Hal TTS Reader

It’s another free text to speech software that gets the job done. They provide much high-quality voice engines in their free version. You can easily change audio quality, speech, gender, pitch, etc., of particular sound output.

The best part of this software is integrability. It can integrate with your system and do various tasks for you, such as reading aloud your messages, calls, and important notifications. You can even use it to read emails, windows prompt, clipboard data, and web pages if you want to. Ultra Hal TTS reader also can convert your text into an MP3 audio file so you can listen to it later.

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6. AudioBookMaker For Mac OS X

This is a top-class freeware that is mostly used to convert large textual files into audio files; as you might have guessed by its name, it is an audio maker. However, you can also use it to convert emails, short textual data, movie dialogues, etc. It will create an audio file that resembles a human voice with almost perfect pronunciations.

You can change many aspects of the output audio file, including its speed, volume, gender, pitch, depth, loudness, etc. The interface of AudioBookMaker is also straightforward to use compared to other text to speech software in this list. Furthermore, it’s a multi language TTS engine so that you can use it for languages other than English.

7. Speakonia

Speakonia comes with prebuilt twenty computerized voices. It’s a freeware text to speech software that can easily convert text into speech without getting your hands dirty with multiple settings.

It’s simple, just put in the text, adjust pitch and speed, and you’re good to go. You can also save the output file as WAV files and could be played on desktop and smartphone. It’s free software, but you have to register it online to use its free features.

Additional Method with Text to Speech Voice Packs (VIDEO)

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So, guys, these were the best text to speech software we could find in the market with the best functionality. Which one of these do you use for your everyday use? Tell us in the comment box below.