Wrike is the Best Web Based Project Management Software for Your Company

Is Wrike is the Best Project Management System for Your Company ?
Is Wrike is the Best Project Management System for Your Company ?

Any Successful company has some reasons that lead into their accomplishments so Project Management is one of them the reason. If you own a company you definitely know about online project management solution that would help you to grow your business and provide you reliable services. So Wrike is one of them leading online project management solution who currently working with HootSuite, Popchips, Western Union, Fitbit and other reputed companies.

About Wrike:

There are many project management companies around the internet but Wrike is the one and only company who offer you a full support and easy to create folders and turn those into the full project and you can access from broad view easily. It can make a clear image of your project and boost your work flow. Wrike is fast and easy to manage when we talk about more than one project you can create an unlimited project in it. It is highly customizable that even everybody easily understands. There are many apps that you can integrate with Wrike and reduce your work such as

  • Accounting and Invoicing
  • Automation
  • CMS
  • CRM
  • Customer Support
  • Email integration
  • Export/import
  • Extensions
  • File Storage
  • Forms
  • Chat/Messaging
  • Mobile Apps
  • Social
  • Software/IT

It is easily integrated with almost all popular cloud platforms such as Google Drive, DropBox, Box, Adobe Creative Cloud and much more.

Wrike Cost & Pricing:

  1. There are 5 types of packages available on Wrike that you can choose according to your need. If you want the demo first so you can freely use a 7-day trial of Wrike. The first plan of Wrike is free and only five users can access to this.
  2. Next is the Professional package where every user get charges at $9.80/month and Users can be 5,10 or 15. Basically, this pro package is for Full project planning & collaboration.
  3. The third package is Business one where you can give access to 200 users but every user gets charged around $24.80/month. Basically, a business plan is for the big organization as well as small one.
  4. In Fourth package the users are unlimited and you can access to all features in marketers edition. Every user charges almost $34.60/month. This is a Tailor-made solution for marketing & creative teams.
  5. Next one and the last one is enterprise edition where unlimited users can access Wrike and they didn’t mention any cost on their official site you need to contact at 1-877-779-7453 to know the pricing for enterprise edition.
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NOTE- You can access trail version of all these 4 premium packages and use Demo version of Wrike Project management system. For more details just visit here.

Compare All Plans Features:

Many of people still wondered that what should we get in those packages and what features we can access when we have a particular package. So guys Below is an image from their official websites you can see and compares all plans and see what features you get when you have any particular plan.

As you see the above comparison you can understand that which plan is suitable is for your company or your business. It can easily manage your project and you can easily view and edit those projects easily. If you still not satisfied with this Once you need to check out their customer’s success stories on their official websites.

Wrike Dashboard Screenshots:

Here are some screenshots of Wrike Dashboard and you can see how are things visible in Wrike online project management system.

From the Editor’s Desk:

Many of Company Owners who own small, as well as large business companies, confuse while buying project management services so guys one you understand how Wrike system works? You definitely go with Wrike online project management system. There the large variety of features that make your work flow easy and you can complete your project fastly.