MailboxValidator Review: A Must-Have Tool for Email Marketers

It is very hard to reach out to real people when you’re into email marketing. Obviously, there are many challenges that an email marketer has to face in his/her email marketing campaign. You can work something out for conversation rates, bouncing rates and click through ratio of your email campaigns. However, there are also a couple of things which you can fix such as sliding into their clean email list.

Today, we are going to discuss active Mailbox Validator which one of the most trusted email validation services you can use. Mailboxvalidator helps you to organize your email list by cleaning up invalid and inactive emails. Below we are going to discuss about how this works and how this might be beneficial for you. So without any further delay, let’s get to our review of Mailbox Validator.

What is Mailbox Validator?

Mailbox Validation is an email validation service which can help you to clean out the bad and inactive emails from your email marketing list. It can check up if a particular email is valid or not. So in short, Mailbox Validator is a service which helps you to organize your email marketing list by removing out ant expired or inactive email addresses. According to statistics from Mailbox Validator, they already have helped email marketers to clean up more than 200,270,920 bad email addresses and still counting.

Why Email Validation?

You might wonder why is there e-mail validation required? Well, email verification is a process of checking up email address whether they are still active or not. It is a complex process. However, it can be done in mere minutes with the help of Mailbox Validator. Let us see if you’re an email marketer then definitely you have a long list of emails. However, it is a mixture of valid emails, potential customers, invalid emails, expired emails, spam emails, etc. So whenever you start a new campaign, your email will be sent to all the recipients of the list including to invalid ones. This will cost you more money and might not convert into much traffic as well.

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Mailbox Validator can help you to reduce the cost per campaign by helping you to sort out your email list. This will further help you to improve your campaign’s delivery success rates and email bounce rates. In short, it will help you get a better response out of your current email list. Moreover, it will help you to cut down the money which you were spending while sending emails to inactive recipients. Also, a clean mailing helps to improve a company’s email reputation.

But there’s a bump; it’s hard to check for every email whether if it valid or not! its a complex and time-consuming task. So its a very practical solution to use Mailbox Validator which helps you to check your entire email list with just one click? After all, it would be great if you’re email marketing list only consists of valid recipients mails only, right?

Individual, Bulk, and API-powered Email Validation

In general, Mailbox Validator provides three services which are far better than any of its competitors.

First one is the individual email validation which is quite common. It lets you verify even a single email is valid or not. For doing this, you simply have to go to your Mailbox Validator dashboard and choose individual verification. After that simply put the email address which you want to validate. Then simply hit the enter button, and you will get to know whether the mail is valid or not.

They also provide a bulk email verification feature which one is more practical than the individual search. All you have to do is upload your email list in a CSV or plain text file. The rest of the work will be handled by Mailbox Validator itself. It will give you a detailed report about all the emails. Furthermore, it will tell you which emails are not validated or expired. So you can save up some time instead of individual search.

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You can also use the Mailbox Validator API which helps you to integrate email validation service to your softwares and programs. This API is quite effective and popular among developers as they offer great services at a cheaper price tag.

Some Features We Loved in MailboxValidator

Although there are many great features in Mailbox Validator, but we will focus only major ones here.

  • First, Mailbox Validator can help you to import your entire email list from sites like MailChimp which is both time saver and life saver!
  • You can choose your plan according to your requirement. There are plans ranging from literally zero $0.00 to $699.95 depending on your requirements.

  • Furthermore, it also has many handy tools like duplicate email remover which works perfectly.
  • You can easily manage your current email list from the Mailbox Validator dashboard.
  • You can also get a free API access which is worth 300 credits a month. So you are an individual who is trying to use a great email validation API but don’t have a huge budget then Mailbox Validator is the best option for you.

So, guys, there were the best features about Mailbox validator which enhances the experience and work for email marketers. We can say that our email list has gone far better than before after using their services. If you are a digital marketer then we recommend you to give Mailbox Validator a try.