10 Top Rated Hulu Original Series with IMDB Rating (2017)

Top Rated Hulu Original Series with IMDB Rating
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Top Rated Hulu Original Series- Hulu original series is all about edgy comedy to gripping thrillers. Hulu original series has everything and entertainment junkie expects from streaming services. This will give you some treats and well as some just okay entertainment stuff for the audience. This has added a list of most popular and top rated series.

List of Top Rated Hulu Original Series with IMDB Rating

As – after providing lot of features and plans for their audience. Hulu has become a great rival for the Netflix. Thus, it is better to know about it for your own benefit. So Here, we are providing you the awesomeness of the popular Hulu originals and is the complete list of Hulu original contents that are must watch.

#1. National Treasure

National treasure is a 2016 Hulu Original mini-series written by the popular fiction writer Jack thorne. This is a series is about historical sexual abuse. This also shows the accusation against an extremely cherished television personality, Paul Finchley. Many stories related to this accused celebrity has completely changed the life in public.

#2. The wrong mans

Top Rated Hulu Original Series with IMDB Rating
(Image Credits- http://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/the-wrong-mans/)

The wrong mans is the most popular comedy series in Hulu Original series. This series shows how answering a phone call can at the crime spot makes changes to the lives of two innocent co-worker in Berkshire country suddenly. This will show how the innocent duo makes the serious spot in comedy.

#3. Rocket jump: The show

This series is inspired by tyro passionate filmmakers. This is an action comedy based series, which involves all the struggle involved in making a short movie. This series is highly appreciated by audience as the idea is creative. And unique.

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#4. Moone Boy

This moone boy is semi-autobiographical comedy series by Chris O’Dowd, an Irish actor and comedian. This Hulu original series is inspired by show “the wonder years” of year 1980’s. This is the story of a boy and his imaginary friend, which played by O’Dowd. This have a lot of nostalgic moments in the series, which will make you feel connected.

#5. Quick Draw

This series has a 7.8 rating on IMDB. This Hulu original series is based on comedy- western set in Great Bend., Kansas and the whole story is revolves around two characters named as Sheriff John Henry Hoyle and his Deputy Eli. This shows the lawless forensic science which will make you laugh so hard.

#6. Casual

This Hulu original series is based on comedy drama which is primarily focused on sex, relationship and chaos going on in a not so perfect family, which will make you laugh. This is a complex family drama which create laughter. This series has very light comedy with a fresh content.

#7. Harlots

Harlots is a story with powerful and bold story of prostitution. This will show the struggle faced by the prostitute. This will also show the pain and ugly side of prostitution in London 1993. This series has won two time Academy Awards bagger. This has tall standing in Hulu original list with an IMDB rating of 8.0.

#8. Battleground

Battleground is also a comedy drama series which shows the workplace chaos and the life of candidates involved in a brand’s campaign trail. This series has lots of humour elements to impress the audience and also many political official humour. This is the kind of top rated Hulu original series.

#9. Upto speed

This Uptospeed is a travel show with comic and dramatic essence in this Hulu original series. This series is made by Richard Linklater, the filmmaker who has made several comedy drama film like Boyhood, Before Midnight’s and Everybody Wants some like things but this is very surprising to get this travel type content from this filmmaker. This series will take you to an exciting journey with lots of American monuments, remnants and historical figures.

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#10. Chance

This Chance series of Hulu Original has everything to make to get on the edge of your chair, this will stared through mystery thriller and will getting better as the episode increases. This series will definitely fit your expectations. This is inspired by thriller book written by Kem Nunn.

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