Top 10 Mobile Apps to Help Students Learn Better

In today’s era, when we are so techy that we always carry our smart phones along with us in our hands, it is indeed a matter of pleasure and being sensuous to make the device useful when it comes to studying.

The smart phones help you learn whenever you feel like; it helps you to take your learning everywhere. The device consists of a metric tonne of resources that will able to teach you whenever you need to know something. There are several learning apps available in the Android world that is always there to help you learn and update yourself with something that you previously didn’t know. The smart phone is considered as the best private tutor, and the tech world is somehow analogous to the private tuition; however, it comes with an advantage that does not make you go out to your tuition and learn new things or clear your doubts. The applications available would help you know anything you want just as you want to know them.

Here are a few applications that shall help you learn better:

1. Photomath

It goes amazing for the high school students that will let you know a bit more about how to isolate “x” while you are doing your algebra homework. It is an amazing math buddy that will not only show the solution to your questions but will also explain the answers.

2. Gradeproof

A lot of students face trouble in framing out sentences correctly. For all such students, Gradeproof is the best app that will help you to improve your writing by offering some real time concrete measures to check your originality in writing, improve your writing style as well as to identify the complex grammatical issues.

3. Math Motion: Cupcake!

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This works best for students who do not feel it good to practice addition, subtraction and multiplication out of your school. This app resembles a cupcake business where students need to access their math skills.

4. EDX

This app makes it possible for students with a smart phone to get knowledge about higher education from several distinguished institutions like McGill and MIT. This will keep you in tune with quizzes, online lectures and assignments.

5. My Study Life

This app lets you stay at the top of your schedule as well as keep pace with your conflicting deadlines. It is more likely to a school calendar which keeps on sending you reminders to your device whenever you have got upcoming deadlines. It has got a colourful interface that makes learning easier.

6. Mendeley

It helps you to collaborate with your classmates by managing your research citations. This is a PDF reader that will search as well as annotate across various kinds of journal articles, papers or class readings through your mobile devices. This application lets you sync your notes in order to keep you organised of your study sessions.

7. Onenote

If you want to access your mobile note taking needs, Microsoft’s OneNote is the best app that will help you work across all the platforms. You can record a lecture, snap pictures while writing your notes with a pen or a stylus as well as back up your class notes.

8. Periodic Table

This is an interactive Periodic Table that will incorporate everything from videos and podcasts to assist you to learn about different elements. The app showcases all levels of data in order to satisfy everyone around you, right from a novice to that of an AP chemistry student.

9. StudyBlue

In order to keep pace with the mainstay of education, you ought to study really hard. StudyBlue helps you create and customise a plethora of study guides, mobile flashcards, quizzes and more. This helps you accept the score that you would earn by yourself and you can even continue to top the score.

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10. TED

The apps allow you to pursue knowledge from the diverse library of TED talks, thereby introducing you to the wide genre of revolutionary ideas and intriguing presentations.

These applications are quite advanced in their approaches and they let you embrace the wide horizon of knowledge warmly. Getting a smart phone, install them in your device and start learning!