Tips On Choosing Photos For An Event Poster

Choosing Photos

Choosing the right photos for an event poster is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in designing this crucial marketing communication. A photo can set the tone, establish an atmosphere and communicate mood. It will also act as a link between your event’s theme and its visual identity. As part of that communication, it should convey what your event is about, its purpose, and the target audience.

But before you start uploading your photos to the poster maker, think about what message you are trying to convey. The overall composition will be influenced by this choice, as well as the background colors, typeface styles, and other graphic elements at your disposal.

The following tips should help you choose the best photos for your posters.

Always Start With A Simple, High-Quality Image

The first rule of creating great event posters is to always start with a high-quality original photo. This also applies when choosing photos for a brochure

This will serve as a basis for all further work and will determine the quality of the final product. Photos taken with smartphones or digital cameras often lack the quality you need for cheap poster printing.

Source: Venngage

Always Focus On The Most Essential Part Of The Composition

It is especially important when using complex or detailed images where focusing may not be so straightforward. The rule here is: the more important the element in the photo, the clearer it should be for your online poster maker.

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If you need a poster maker app that works well with your photos, check out Venngage.  

Try To Frame Your Subjects Using One Of Thirds

This will give a dynamic, harmonious look to your composition. A simple trick is to imagine there are two horizontal lines at eye level and two vertical lines passing through the most important elements. Fit your subject within those imaginary lines and you’ll have a good composition.

Watch The Weather

A photo taken on a sunny day is easier to work with than one from overcast conditions. If possible, take photos at different times of the day to see which has the best light conditions for the event posters in your poster maker online.

The Sky Should Be As Empty As Possible

A sky filled with clouds will automatically draw the viewer’s attention away from your poster’s message. This may seem like an obvious point, but it is still necessary to mention that the stronger the contrast between the sky and background, the more it will interfere with your design in a custom poster maker.

Avoid Photos Of People Unless You Intend To Portray Them As Your Subject

People can distract attention from the main subject and cause confusion among your audience. If you do want to include a photo of people, make sure it is relevant to your poster’s message.

Keep Photos Simple And Clear

There is no need for any complicated poses or unnecessary elements in your event posters. Keep things as simple and clear as possible and you’ll avoid any possible distractions. At the same time, don’t choose images that are too abstract and difficult to read unless this is intentional.

Choose Images With A Strong Composition

Pay attention to how the elements in your photo relate to each other. A good rule of thumb here is: if an element stands out from the rest, it should be made larger.

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Source: Venngage

Check The Photo’s Colorization

Always check how your image will look like once printed from a poster maker machine or posted online. If it contains too many bright colors, they may not reproduce well. Many images are much easier to use when converted into black and white . The aim here is to eliminate any elements that might interfere with the main subject of the poster.

Try Out Different Styles

Experiment with your photos by changing their size, orientation and position until you find a suitable composition for your event posters . The final result should be an image that is easy to read, has a strong message and fits within the space available on your printout or Photoshop canvas.

Always Choose Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to choosing photos, the rule is simple: choose one high-quality photo that tells it all or several lower quality images that together provide enough information for your audience. Remember, every element you add onto your poster will not only take up more space but will also be another possible distraction .

Do Some Research- Choosing Photos

Don’t just grab the first photo you find online. Do some research and try to find an image that is original, attractive and has something to say about your event that goes beyond its subject . If it’s a music festival, show people listening intently to their favorite songs or if it’s an art exhibition, display people admiring the pieces on display.

Don’t Use Photos With Logos, Watermarks, Or Text

Images that contain any of these will limit your options for future use. If you can’t find an image without these details, try to change its size and position until you get something suitable. Many companies are very happy to grant permission for using their brand’s imagery, so it’s worth asking beforehand.

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In Closing

The use of high-quality photos is something that all event planners should be taking advantage of. Photos can help to tell the story behind your event, making it more interesting for people to learn about. With these great tips, you’ll be able to choose the best photos for your event poster.