8+ Free Connectify Alternative for Windows PC to Create WiFi Hotspot !

Connectify Alternative for Windows
Connectify Alternative for Windows

Connectify Alternative Wifi Hotspot Software For PC: There is no need of Introduction for the most popular internet sharing software i.e. connectivity for Windows PC. It not only allow us to share our internet connection easily by smartphones, tablets etc. by using Wi-Fi connectivity but also allows to use different features like file sharing, Connecting with other people and more.

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So, I am going to talk about the best Connectify Alternatives free Wifi Hotspot Software for our systems. As Connectify is just a category of a wireless hotspot. It just turns your computer system to portable hotspot system without any third hotspot application. It’s a fact that Connectify is the best Wifi hotspot software with unparallel features. The program is available for free. It is very easy to use and run.

Best Connectify Alternative for Windows PC:

Connectify Alternative for Windows
Connectify Alternative for Windows

Here are some Connectify Alternatives which are as follows. Which would help you out to use Wifi easily and smoothly? Here, I’m going to discuss top 8 Best Alternatives to the program. SO, without any delay – let’s have a look at the list.

#1 Baidu Wifi Hotspot

Baidu Wifi Hotspot is one of the best free Connectify Alternatives. Its service is not just free of cost but it also offers you some advanced features which are also free of cost. It will never interrupt your work while working due to its advanced features. It shares the files to other device easily and effeciantely.

#2 OSToto Hotspot

This software have weird name but earlier it has name of 160-Wifi which has been changed into OSToto Hotspot. It has same features as earlier. In this you can create your own Wifi zone within a minutes and shares your files easily in a secure manner. It also allows the user to block the other user if something wrong is felt or it simply goes into hibernate mode. It is available for free.

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#3 SeventhGate

This software offers you to convert your windows PC into Wifi router easily. its virtual wireless mini port inside your computer is to set up the hotspot making it very close to the virtual routers. It is easy to use and is ad free software which can be turned off when not in use.

#4 Maryfi

It is best for Windows 7 users. It is very easy to use virtual router software that allows you to share over any internet connection easily and even Wifi networks to tablets, Smartphones etc.

#5 My Public Wifi

Turn your systems into wireless Hotspot with this software and helps to share internet with others very easily. It is useful in creating wireless networks that is separate from LAN (Local Area Network) and is used by conference rooms, Hotel Rooms, etc. You can also track and record the URL pages that have been used by using My Public Wifi.

#6 WifI Hotspot Pro

This software is for Windows 10 users. If you want to use this software the upgrade your systems with Windows 10. In this you have to follow some simple steps to download it in your system. It is very easy to use and offers many features to the users.

#7 Virtual Router Plus

It is a popular Wifi hotspot software for quite a while now. Virtual Router Plus is the most simple Wifi app software you will ever access to. It does not have any special features which is good as we just need Wifi hotspot feature. In this you can change the name and password in this it is just simple as that. It would be a good choice for those who just want a simple Wifi Hotspot software. It runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10 also.

#8 WinHotspot

WinHotspot can easily turn your system into Wifi Hotspot Software in just a minutes anywhere at any time. It has inbuilt feature which tracks your internet usage. In this you can also see the MAC address and P address of the connected devices separately.

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By using these Alternatives you can easily turn your systems into Wifi Hotspot Software and can share your files easily over the internet. That’s all for now. I Hope, you’ll like my article. If you are in doubt or want to suggest anything new to make it better.

You are welcome to the comment field below. I’ll be very happy to read and answer your comments. And, one thing is for sure. I’ll definitely not charge for making good appreciation comments. Thanks for your time.