The Top Must See Attractions Near Penn Station

Near Penn Station


Are you traveling to New York and still unsure about all of the sights you want to see? You’re not alone. There are so many sights that are well worth your time. The trick is utilizing your time in the best way.  Odds are, you are going to use Penn Station to get in and out of Manhattan, if this is you then here are several sights right by near Penn Station you will not want to miss.

See a Concert at Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden is perhaps one of the most prolific arenas in the country. Built right on top of Penn Station, it is home to the New York Knicks and Rangers and is a right of passage for any musical artist seeking ultimate notoriety. 

At any given time there could be world-famous artists gracing the stage. Any performance here is surely a performance you won’t want to miss. If there happen to be no performances during your time around Penn Station, then a tour will be of no consolation. This venue is vast and impressive. 

 Visit James A. Farley Post Office 

The James A. Farley Post Office is the main post office of New York. Built right across the street from Penn Station in 1912, this enormous structure was built to visually complement Penn station. Like Penn Station, the post office was designed by the architect Charles McKim with the Roman Classic style in mind. Complete with an impressive fifty-three Corinthian Columns, this majestic structure officially became a landmark in 1966. 

With the invention of email and other digital platforms, what used to be upward of sixteen thousand postal workers has now dwindled to around two hundred. Even though it’s still functioning as a post office, you may find that it is a lot more pleasant than the place you typically take your packages to. 

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Walk Around Koreatown

After a short walk to 32nd street, you can find yourself in Koreatown. If you enjoy immersing yourself in cultures other than your own, then this is most certainly the place for you. Here you can find the most authentic Korean food and stores outside of Korea itself.

Stepping into this bustling world will make you feel like you’ve exited New York completely. It’s the perfect way to try something new and kill a few hours while waiting for your train. 

Take A Waterfront Walk 

Making your way over to the meatpacking district will take you right up to the Hudson River. Here you can find plenty of sights that are more than worth seeing. Complete with a perfect balance of historical beauty and modern improvement, strolling by the water will bring sights that you will not want to miss. 

 Climb the Empire State Building

The Empire State building has been a tourism staple of New York since the 1930s. With its unmistakable Art Deco design, all it takes is a short walk from Penn Station to bask in its historical majesty. Even though it isn’t the most impressive skyscraper in the city, it still maintains the world’s highest open-air observation deck complete with breathtaking city views. This in combination with its second-floor showcase of construction makes it a number one priority for many that visit. 

See the Great Central Park 

You’ve seen it in many movies. It’s perhaps the most famous park in the country. Central Park is on the top of everyone’s list of sights to see as soon as they enter New York. Being just a short train ride away from Penn Station, you could spend a whole day exploring this vast park. Seeing places where movies were filmed, viewing concerts, reading in the grass, or enjoying a hotdog on a bench. There is no need to say that this is indeed a New York must. 

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The Logistics 

New York is full of attractions that are worth making time for. Even just around Penn Station alone. That is why it’s important to use every second you have to explore. Don’t forget to use great resources like luggage storage Penn Station. This allows you to safely put away your luggage or shopping bags while you go out and enjoy the city. 

If you have to check out of your room by eleven am but don’t board your train out of town until six pm, you don’t need to lug your things all over the city. Just use the storage system, enjoy seeing the sights you want to see, and pick it up when you come back to board the train.