FIX- Hotspot Shield Connected But Not Working/Connecting Problem !

Fix Hotspot Shield Connected But Not Working
Fix Hotspot Shield Connected But Not Working

Fix Hotspot Shield Not Working: Hotspot Shield is a Well Known software for Virtual Private Networking (VPN). It is famous for Hiding Public Identity, IP Address, Cookies, History and Online Activity over a Public Wifi-Hotspot. Sometimes, You need to Browse Anonymously. And, To Access those websites – which are not legal in your country or region. So, in a way; This can be very useful for many operations. On the internet now there are many of VPN’s available for free used like many of use Google Chrome VPN Extension to change their proxy or IP Address in one click and use an as handy tool when they want to unblock websites or access to some restricted site.

But, aside from these benefits. People are facing difficulties in installing Hotspot Shield itself. So, Today I’ll guide you to Fix Hotspot Shield Not Working Error in this article. Let’s have a Step by step Look at the Solution. You can easily solve this hotspot shield not connecting or show connection error when we are trying to connect. Some of the users face the same problem like they are connected to hotspot shield but not able to access the internet. So this becomes the major issue in the hotspot shield so we can show how you can manually remove hotspot shield not connecting error in simple ways.

Fix Hotspot Shield Connected But Not Working
Fix Hotspot Shield Connected But Not Working

Guys this tutorial is only for Windows and Mac Users as you know android users are also the victim of spam problems that their hotspot shield is not working So let me tell you this article is not for android users. This method is applicable for all types of windows operating the system such as windows 8, windows 7, windows 8.1 and windows 10. Sometimes hotsport shield blocked the internet but by following these steps you easily get rid of this problem.

Fix Hotspot Shield Not Connecting Error:

One of the benefits of using Hotspot Sheild is that it Compresses the bandwidth. And, Thus allows User to browse the Data on the internet faster – Even on the slower networks. So, Not only Hotspot Sheild Protects your Identity over the vast web. But, also Optimizes things for better user Experience.

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I’ve divided this section into Three basic methods. If One Doesn’t work, You can jump to the next method in the list. But, I think You’ll be done in first two methods. Let’s have a look.

#1. Uninstall Other VPN Softwares

If you’ve tried some other third party Software for Enabling VPN service. Then, The settings of those Programs may interfere with Hotspot Shield Program. So, Try to Re-configuring everything after uninstalling those programs.

#2. Network access Through Windows Firewall

Sometimes, Widows, Itself don’t allow any other third party program to access the internet. So, Whenever you’ll try to access the internet via those programs, it will block. All you need to do is to Enable the access for the hotspot shield in the settings.

  1. Search for ‘Control panel‘.
  2. Press F3 key from keyboard and type ‘Firewall‘.
  3. Click ‘Allow a Program through Firewall‘.
  4. Find Hotspot shield in the list.
  5. And, Tick on Both options of Private and Public Network access.
  6. Save settings and, Try to connect again.

#3. Antivirus Firewall – Blockage

This is dependent upon the Type of antivirus you are using on your system. All You need to do is, Search for firewall settings of the antivirus and similar to the method above. Allow the network usage by Hotspot Sheild program.

#4. Refreshing Network Drivers

Unsuccessful installation of your drivers may result in the problem too. So, Follow the following instructions to make it work.

  1. Search for ‘Control panel‘ by Pressing Windows key.
  2. Press F3 key and Type, ‘network‘.
  3. Click on ‘Network Settings
  4. Select LAN (Local Area Network).
  5. Look For the Properties > General Tab.
  6. Find ‘Hotspot Shield Helper Driver‘ and uncheck > Apply > Ok.
  7. Try to Access internet from your browser.
  8. IF still not working, then again go to the same location (i.e. General Tab).
  9. This time, again Tick the option > Apply > OK.
  10. Try Restarting your computer Once.
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There you go. That’s it. This will definitely solve your problem of Hotspot Shield Not Working. I hope, This article is helpful. If you are still in Doubt, Feel free to throw a comment at me. I’ll try to help you out. Thanks for your time. If you face any other type of hotspot shield error that you not able to use this VPN Software so please let we know in comments. We can solve your issue as soon as possible.