The 10 Best Games For Low Spec Smartphones



Slow modern games with demanding graphics? For you, we have collected no less attractive games for weak smartphones that can pull you in. If you are the owner of an inexpensive and simple gadget, this does not mean that the world of games is closed to you. On the contrary, you can find a lot of interesting and undemanding toys in the Play Store. The best of them will be discussed in the current selection and also on the appslikethese website.


Continuation of the popular arcade game, which gave rise to an entire media franchise with cartoons, rides, and soft toys. And it all started with the mobile game, which you can download right now for free.

The player has to help the birds to destroy the homes of their worst enemies – green pigs. To do this, he will use a radical way – using slingshot launches funny birds, each of which has its abilities. It’s not easy to destroy houses because of advanced physics.


In Hill Climb Racing off-road the player does not need to overtake rivals but simply to wheel around different locations, overcoming obstacles. Task – to get as far as possible, setting and breaking personal records. On the way, you can collect coins, which will be needed to upgrade the car in the garage, and gasoline, without which the car stalled.

Hill Climb Racing will please you with colorful graphics and addictive gameplay that is recreated thanks to the abundance of vehicles, levels, and improvements.


Subway Surfers is the most popular Android game, with more than 1 billion downloads! This is a bright ranger, in which the player in the role of a bully will try to escape from an angry guard, overcoming obstacles on the train tracks.

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There is no ultimate goal in games of this genre – the gamer is just trying to set a record. But the gameplay speeds up with every minute, thus challenging. The game boasts high replayability, an abundance of skins, and a nice picture.


If your soul craves something in the spirit of cool shooters on PC, then try to play the undemanding shooter Modern Combat 3. The game doesn’t have the best graphics, but you can pick up a machine gun and take part in hot shootouts.

The player will experience 13 missions and visit different cities – from Los Angeles to Pakistan. The arsenal includes a pistol, assault rifle, and sniper rifle. You can also try out 7 multiplayer modes designed for 12 players.


Pixel Force is a pixel platformer about a soldier who, that like Rambo takes out his enemies at once. Armed to the teeth, the player will pass more than 103 levels with increasing complexity, whose goal is to destroy all the enemies.

If you think that pixel graphics is an atavism of the game industry, you are deeply mistaken. This style is used and modern games on PC, collecting a lot of awards and positive reviews from critics. Pixel Force has played more than 1 million players and users swamped it with positive reviews


A classic two-dimensional action movie about soldiers, which alone are destroying an army of enemies. Tanks, helicopters, and even robots are no obstacle to them – because all the problems can be solved with the killing firearms. The game will delight you with colorful graphics, exhilarating gameplay, and an abundance of levels, of which there are more than 50.


A fantasy action game in the style of “Tower Defense” offers the player to destroy the army of evil orcs, which without shame and conscience dash out of all the crevices. As the genre suggests, the user must place various towers in the path of the enemies, and then watch and make decisions on the defense.

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This game boasts intense battles, not the easiest levels, varied gameplay, and nice cartoon graphics. Over 500,000 reviews have told us that gamers love this game.


Shadow Fight 2 is a fighting game that has earned its place of honor in many selections thanks to its realistic fighting system animations. The player will have to challenge the various shadow warriors in improvised arenas. Everything goes into battle – melee techniques, various edged weapons, and even magic.

The beauty of the game shows up in the very first battle – thanks to the smooth movements of the fighters the fights are extremely effective. Coupled with varied gameplay and challenging levels we get one of the best fighting games for Android.


In Burger Shop 2, you become the owner of a chain of famous fast-food restaurants and personally take care of customer service. This is quite a fascinating arcade game, in which the user has to feed hungry customers as soon as possible, collecting various dishes. There are over 120 levels and 100 different foods – it is strictly forbidden to play on an empty stomach!


At first funny, and a little later – a difficult and unbearable puzzle game with minimalistic graphics. To rocking music, the player has to dodge obstacles, controlling a miniature triangle. Depending on the track levels are distorted as you can, and therefore to pass them will have to strain your attention and dexterity. Despite the complexity, Super Hexagon is addictive.