Take Your Business to New Heights with an Improved Client Portal

Improved Client Portal

Improved Client Portal

It’s another busy morning at work, and as you sign into your company’s messaging program, you’re immediately greeted with a request to update the project tracker with the information you’d promised to provide, followed by another colleague asking you to set up a meeting with key project stakeholders on Improved Client Portal. 

You launch the email program to access the calendar and pull up the shared drive to find the tracker and add your input. As you wait for everything to open, you can’t help but think there must be a more efficient way to accomplish these routine tasks. 

Fortunately, there is: a improved client portal.  It’s a one-stop shop for all your business needs. 

One Centralized Platform for Whatever You Need

Instead of having separate programs to chat, share files, schedule meetings, and track projects and routine tasks, a client portal allows you to do all of that in the same space, complete with a customized URL. Once you sign in, you can access calendars across the entire organization and immediately assess the best time to schedule the weekly status report. Not only can you pull up that document you’re working on with three other groups, but you can also see who made changes and when. 

You’ll always know who’s working on what, because a client portal streamlines the delegation process. You can allocate tasks to an individual or team, assign deadlines, and monitor updates as projects are completed. And with the group chat option, there’s no need to switch platforms for discussions.

File Sharing Made Easy and Secure

Many organizations use various workspaces to collaboratively work on documents. It provides a convenient platform for this because it’s available anywhere if you’ve got an internet connection, so you can work on things from the comfort of your home. A client portal integrates documents from other platforms which means you won’t be duplicating work. 

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You’re able to drag, drop, and preview files and folders. And with branded native apps (available on iOS and Android) you can pull up your documents using your phone; incredibly useful for a quick reference check when you’re out in the field. You don’t need to pull out your laptop and wait for it to spring to life to access what you need. 

Some people hesitate storing data in the cloud due to security concerns. With 256-bit SSL encryption in transit and AES encryption at rest, these concerns are alleviated. Multi-factor authentication is offered too, which helps stop logins from illegitimate sources. In addition, file and folder permissions ensure that only those who need access have it, and audit trails help keep people accountable. 

A Client Portal Efficiently Brings Everyone Together

With thirteen supported languages, a client portal is truly made for the globalized workforce. Having a secure, centralized location for file management, employee collaboration, and communication is the most effective way to ensure quality work, especially when people are often scattered all over the globe. Working together has never been easier.