Sales of Raspberry Pi Microcomputers Exceeded 30 Million Copies

Sales of Raspberry Pi Microcomputers Exceeded 30 Million Copies

Raspberry Pi microcomputers, released since 2012, are very popular among engineers and electronics enthusiasts. Recently, another significant milestone in the development of Raspberry was passed – the total sales of single-board Raspberry Pi microcomputers exceeded 30 million units. In fact, the milestone was reached at the beginning of the month but announced this only now. The achievement was described by the co-founder of the British Raspberry Pi Foundation and CEO of the commercial division of Raspberry Pi Trading Eben Upton.

Given the class and performance of these devices, the sales rate for these devices over a seven-year period is impressive, especially against the backdrop of an initial sales plan of 10–20 thousand microcomputers. For comparison, the legendary Commodore 64 computer has sold 12.5 million units in the market for over 11.5 years.

Sales of Raspberry Pi Microcomputers Exceeded 30 Million CopiesThis is if you rely on figures from a study by Michael Stale. There are other estimates indicating that the Commodore 64 circulation was actually much larger – from 17 to 30 million. On the other hand, the actual sales of the Raspberry Pi have already reached the upper limit of the estimated sales volume of the Commodore 64.

You can also recall here that as of 2017, 12.5 million Raspberry Pi was sold. That is, over the past two years, demand for the Raspberry Pi has grown significantly. It would be interesting to look at the updated statistics on sales of specific models of the Raspberry Pi, but, alas, it is not yet available.

The Raspberry Pi line includes more than a dozen different modifications, including the minimalist Raspberry Pi Zero for $ 5. In October, the current version of the Raspberry Pi 4 became twice as powerful – by updating the firmware it was possible to increase the processor frequency of the single-chip system to an impressive 2.147 GHz.

And Time magazine put Raspberry Pi in third place in its ranking of the top 10 gadgets of the decade. And I must say that it is well deserved. There were countless interesting projects based on the Raspberry Pi, for example, recently Oracle employees assembled a supercomputer from more than a thousand Raspberry Pi 3 B +. Probably in the future, we will see many more interesting developments based on the Raspberry Pi, and the platform itself will survive many more updates.

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Source: overclock3d