Users of Disguised Adware Apps, Beware!, App Developers Win

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This is for the second time in this week that the adware apps have been detected in the Google Play Store. These fake and evil apps are a way to generate the ad revenue from the users. The app developers are turning huge beneficiaries in it.

Secret research conducted revealed that these malicious apps were observed getting installed for about 8 million times. Earlier, more than 9 million times these adware apps have been downloaded across the world.

An IT researcher, Lukas Stefanko, at ESET discovered Android apps with unwanted ads. This was a way of spamming the users. When these apps get installed, they do not function as they are supposed to be. When these apps were pressed, several ads were displayed in full screen. This was seen becoming troublesome for the users.

Stefanko in a Twitter post has said that there is an undesired code which is hidden within these apps. When these apps get launched, they were seen hidden from user’s eyes. The annoying ads popped up only. Stefanko further added that these apps are fake because they don’t function in a promised manner.

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Remote control, TV remote controller, TV remote controlling, Remote for Air conditioner, Remote for television for free, Air conditioner remote control, Remote control for TV and home electronics are some of these fake apps which the users were seen downloading from Google Play Store and further facing problems with the additional ads. Among these malicious apps, four apps were detected getting 5,00,000 installs. Among these four, one app has a total count of having one million installs.

According to Stefanko, none of these apps is genuine and. The only motive of the app developers is to generate ad revenue from the users. A malicious app which was developed by Tools4TV has been in action since 2015.

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