5 Best Ways to Play Android Games on Windows PC 7/8.1/XP/10 or MAC !

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Best Ways to Play Android Games on Windows

Now today we show you guys, ✅✅ how do we play android games on windows PC and you can install almost every android app or game on your windows PC and use it from your computer PC with a simple trick. We compile best ways to play android games on windows PC. Many of android users face an issue like insufficient storage or when they use to play gam so when android game expand so they need more spaces on your smartphone and then you need to uninstall your game and your level or points lost and interrupt your gameplay experience.

So, Guys, you need to find some decent solution to play android games that stay stable. So that is the best ways to play android games on windows PC with simple step by step guide. Many of you guys want to use android apps with bluestacks or without any software so guys there are few android game and apps that available for windows PC but not all. According to me play android games using android emulators is the best way to use android app or games on your windows PC. But you just need to have at least 2GB of RAM and processor onward Dual core.

Soon you can use an android operating system on your windows PC as dual boot mode and access almost all android things like apps, games on your computer PC. Because the demand to use android apps on the computer is increased day by day so here we discuss best ways to use android apps and games on windows PC so you can use live streaming apps, playing HD Graphic games on your computer just like you play on android smartphones but on a bigger screen.

As you know we are going to use android emulators to run android games on windows PC so guys first discuss whats android emulators actually is? that we are going to use in out the article and why we use those emulators and for what purpose.

What is Android Emulators?

The term emulator refers to the thing that offers you the same experience as real the thing you are going to emulate. So, guys, the android emulator is tool or program to run android apps or games on your computer so that you can access any type of android app on computer PC or Windows 7/8/8.1 or 10. You can use this tool or any almost all types of windows operating system and run any game on it. You experience android on the bigger screen and that shit is amazing so it is better to play android games on the computer as playing on android smartphones.

Why Playing Android Games on Windows PC is helpful?

This is pretty easy that everyone wants high memory, more RAM, high-end processor or bigger resolution. Playing android games on an android smartphone is fun but playing android games on the bigger screen really amazing thing. There are many of popular android emulators around the internet from the 4-5 year and there is no secret that you can’t play android apps and games on windows computer PC. If you do not want to use bluestacks or other heavy android emulators so we listed some of best android emulators and ways to play android games on your windows PC. You must need to check this out just stay tuned with the article.

Best Ways to Play Android Games on Windows 7/8/8.1 or 10 PC:

Here are some of best ways to play android games on Windows 7/8/8.1 or 10 that we compiler here and we sorted these emulators according to their popularity or rating give by end users. First, of fall you already know the name always come on the top called Bluestacks App player. Let’s start the real thing. Just Stick with the Article.

#1. Install BlueStacks to Play Android Games on PC

As many of you guys already know bluestacks is king of all the android emulators and have millions of features. Bluestacks offer totally real android experience on Windows 7/8/8.1 or 10 and you can install android apps in just few click. Now currently bluestacks running their latest version bluestacks 2.0. they do major updates in this version like they offer multiple windows on bluestacks.

If you play any game on bluestacks a want to use another app or games simultaneously so you can easily switch windows and play another games or app in just one click. They also provide updates regarding RAMmemory consuming so latest bluestacks 2.0 use low RAM. Once you use this android emulator you definitely fall in love with this tool.

Best Ways to Play Android Games on Windows
Best Ways to Play Android Games on Windows

Many of people use bluestacks on windows for the testing purposes like apps or other things. This is just a window software that you need to normally install on your computer and grab apk file and put it in bluestacks and android app or game installed.

Features of BlueStacks App Player:

  • Being built with LayerCake era, BlueStacks app player doesn’t require any outside virtual laptop App to run Android apps.
  • The inbuilt seek features allow you seek apps or games from special app markets to help you simplify the setup manner.
  • This app player recognizes the net connectivity of the host OS and subsequently, there is no more community configuration required to run BlueStacks app participant.
  • the push notifications characteristic on the app participant at once syncs with the host OS permitting the person to run each the app player and the host OS concurrently without dropping any critical notification from apps like WhatsApp, Viber or other messaging apps

#2. Use Genymotion to Play Android Games on Windows 7/8/8.1/10/MAC:

Basically, Genymotion is the biggest rival of bluestacks and the second best free android emulator that you can use on your windows computer PC  and install and enjoy android games. Genymotionis really faster than bluestacks and have very nice and attractive user interface so the user can easily understand how to use?

Use Genymotion to Play Android Games on Windows 7/8/8.1/10/MAC
Use Genymotion to Play Android Games on Windows 7/8/8.1/10/MAC

Genymotion is the one and only lightweight android emulator that you can use on Windows 7/8/8.1/10/MAC and speed of Genymotion is really incredible and Most of the time bluestacks ask the user to install additional windows installer and.NET Framework to run bluestacks but In genymotion, you just need to download an install on your computer. That’s It.

Features of Genymotion:

  • With Genymotion, you could download pre-configured Android photos of all Android variations in addition to emulation of extra than forty Android gadgets.
  • you could additionally gain get entry to unlimited apps and games thru Genymotion because it helps unlimited app installations. hence, you may play Android games on your computing device by using honestly putting in the video games of your preference.
  • Genymotion supports the emulation of net connectivity based on what your machine is having access to and as a result, it allows the consumer to use the same internet connection immediately in the emulated Android.
  • With ADB aid and OpenGL hardware acceleration characteristic, Genymotion lets in the Android to work in full-screen mode for you to raise your gaming to enjoy.

#3. Install Android SDK to run Android Games on Windows/Mac:

Android SDK is the official toolkit offered by google for android development. Don’t worry they share this tool and publically and free to use. The main purpose of this android SDK is to promote android development and give the end user an excellent environment to develop android apps that they can easily evaluate and test the on their computer.

Install Android SDK to run Android Games on Windows/Mac
Install Android SDK to run Android Games on Windows/Mac

You can also create virtual machines in android SDK bad testing with those machines. But you can also set android emulator configuration manually or use to develop an app or use to playing games and apps too. You can easily find documentation of android SDK and read and start working on android apps.

Features of Android SDK:

  • The Android SDK Emulator supports all of the primary features which includes SD card help, document transfer etc.
  • The best feature of this emulator is that it is advanced by Google Engineers making sure its safety and best compared to different emulators.
  • It also helps physical keypad feature that none of the opposite Android emulator’s guide.
  • This emulator is the excellent program for Android builders to test and build Android Apps.

#4. Use Andy OS to Play Android Games on Windows/MAC Computers:

Andy OS is another android emulator that can have some enhancement over the above android emulators like It have their own environment and use the separate process that not conflict with any windows services and have more reliable that any other android emulator. Most of the time I personally use this tool to test some Wi-Fi Hacking Apps.

Use Andy OS to Play Android Games on Windows/MAC Computers
Use Andy OS to Play Android Games on Windows/MAC Computers

This Andy OS is specially developed to run android games on Windows 7/8/8.1/10/MAC and you can easily understand the whole interface of this software tool. It is really a cool alternative to bluestacks and uses less RAM than any other android emulator so guys I recommend to use this Andy OS if you have no smartphone and you wan to run android games on low configuration computers.

Features of Andy OS Android Emulator:

  • Andy OS features a built-in Google Play save that helps you to download and install apps or games at once from the play store.
  • It helps multi-touch.
  • Converts your cell phone as joystick or game controller to play games without delay through your desktop
  • helps the simple features consisting of OpenGL hardware acceleration-assist, digital camera and Microphone help
  • helps you to get entry to installed apps or video games without delay inside the desktop environment

#5. Use Android X-86 to Play Android Games:

Here is another light weight android emulator called Android X-86 and you can use this emulator to run many android games and all. The main reason behind this emulator that it is installed same as a windows process and you just need to do simple steps like entering google account, password and other simple information to initial this software.

Use Android X-86 to Play Android Games
Use Android X-86 to Play Android Games

After providing this little information you can easily access to google play store and install any android app you want. If from here you can’t able to download the android app so you can install android apk directly from your computer. Just download the apk file from the internet and grab and put into that tool and it will be installed.


In the last, I will only tell you guys to choose best android emulator according to your hardware configuration that you can easily play heavy games on computer PC. We can compile almost best lightweight or best android emulator available on internet right know.

If you face any issue with this article so please let us know or you may have some more suggestion about this article so you can share your thoughts in below comments.