How to Integrate Google Plus Tab Into Facebook Page ?

How to Integrate Google Plus Tab in Your Facebook Page
How to Integrate Google Plus Tab in Your Facebook Page

Integrate Google Plus and Facebook Page: This is the era of computers. And, We cannot talk about computers without the internet. The Internet marketing is one of the most paid and successful business. And, If you’ll look into the world of the internet – You’ll find the two big fishes of this sea as Google & Facebook. Both, having their own status and reputation with users. Thus, If you are about to promote your Product or project online. You definitely need these platforms to help you.

And, integrating both of these platforms in one place is not an easy thing to do. But, here in this article – I’m going to provide you with the simple and tested methods – which you can use for your own benefits to get more socialize and digital marketing. Before that – tknow more about the things you should know.

But, Due to their different standards and policies of user interaction. You need to maintain both Accounts separately. And, This problem of separate handling of pages leads to a lot of time wastage. While Facebook is a little more flexible platform than the Google Plus Pages. Because You can manipulate the page with using the Facebook apps. And, Google Plus pages don’t have this feature.

That’s why In this article we are going to learn about Integrate Google Plus Tab Into Facebook Page. So that you can provide your users a flexible method to follow your product or Brand via Facebook as well as Google Plus. And, to follow you from both social medias – they don’t even need to reload the page again. Just hover the Integrated Google Plus Tab and they can simply add it to their circle. Isn’t this method More Reliable and efficient?

How to Integrate Google Plus Tab in Your Facebook Page
How to Integrate Google Plus Tab in Your Facebook Page

So, Without wasting any time. Just directly jump into the steps to accomplish our goal of integrating google plus with your Facebook page. I’ll try to keep things as easy as I can. If You find any problem in steps. Do comment about it, I’ll try to help you out.

Steps to Integrate Your Google Plus and Facebook Pages:

As you are about to learn the secret of online social network marketing. So, You must have Pages about your Brand or Product on these platforms to socialize more. All You need to follow the following steps:

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10 Steps for Integrate Google Plus Tab Into Facebook Page:

  1. Open Your Facebook and Google Plus pages in the two separate tabs Side-by-side in the browser.
  2. Switch to the Facebook Tab, and Search for the ‘Static HTML‘.Now, select ‘Add to a Page‘ Button from the pop-up.
  3. Complete all the Procedures to finally add it to Page.
  4. Now, Go to your Page and Click on the New Appeared tab in the front page.
  5. Select Edit. And, You are about to complete.
  6. Overwrite the Old Code with the following HTML Code:
    <g:page data-layout="portrait" data-showcoverphoto="true" href="{pageId or +pageName}"></g:page>
  7. Now, Switch to the Google Plus Tab in a browser. And, look for Either Your PageName or PageID.
  8. Switch back and Edit the Code – you just pasted.
  9. Change the {YourPageId or +YourPageName} in the code with your pageID or PageName.

And, You are Done! Save the Html code in the app. Your Google Plus Page is now integrated with the Facebook Page Successfully. I Hope, You’ll like this article. I couldn’t make this easier than this. but, If you think – I’ve missed something or there’s a problem with any step. Feel free to make a comment about it. I’ll be happy to help you out. Thanks for your time.