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In the Era of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engines Like Google, yahoo and Bing Don’t Crawl only your Webpage Text, Now that Time They also Focus on Fully Optimized Image of Your Website. Along with your Website your Websites Images are also under Indexing Criteria So It is very Important to Know about Image Optimization for Better Search Engine Results.

Images are Definitely a Acid of your Blog post Because They Visually Represents your Post or Article. So thats Why am Gonna Show you a Best Way to Fully Optimize your Post Image with SEO. Search Engine Crawlers Rank that Images in Google Image Search Results that is Better Optimized with ALT Tag, have Caption and Title. Better Images Like Your Provide a Suitable ALT information of your Images and Add a Caption of your Article Picture.Image Optimization Blogger

2 Steps to Optimize Blogger Images for Better Search Engine Results :

Below are the Two Best Way to Optimize your Image with SEO on Blogger Platform. We all know that SEO is become the main Factor of Every Website that is going to Index in Search Engines So We need to Improve it. Many of Bloggers Skip Image Optimization in Blogger because of Lack of SEO Knowledge So Guys Take 5-10 Minutes to Read this Post. We Demonstrate that How your Blog Images is Optimized with SEO for Better Search Engine Ranking.

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#1.)  ALT Tag or ALT Text in Blogger :

It is a HTML Tag used to represent Image Information to Search Engines Crawlers. Be Sure that when you Add some Image in your Post So, Add ALT Text within your Image Because Because of Three Reasons :

  • Search Engines have not Eyes that they See your Images and Index it. It only Fetch Information about Image and Then Index in Their Search Results.
  • Alternatively, When Your Image is not Properly Load in Webpage or your Page is show only Text So ALT information show in the Place of Image It can help Visitors to know about that Image.
  • Some of Visitors have No Time to read your Post So Who Listen to your Content of Webpage can also Listen to your ALT information About Your Image. It also Pronounced as “Alternative Text” Simply use ALT Tag in HTML.
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There are Many Newbie Bloggers Who Don’t Aware About Image SEO So, They Just Only Write Blog Post and Hit Publish Button. But in the Era of SEO you Need to add ALT Information in Every Image of your Post. People on Internet Searching for an Images for Wallpapers, Cars, Models etc So, If your Image is Optimized with Suitable Information and ALT Tags So, Your Image is Definitely Index in Google Image Search Results.

How to Add ALT Information in Blogger Blog :

  1. When you Wrote your Blog Post After Upload an Image to your Post.
  2. Just Simple Select that image and You have multiple Options Choose “Images Properties” and Add Suitable Information in it According to your Image and Post.

    Add Image ALT Tag in Blogger Blog
    Add Image ALT Tag in Blogger Blog
  3. Click Ok.

#2.) Add Caption in Blogger Images :

In Every Platform WordPress, Blogger in Post image there is an Option to Add Caption in your Post Images But Many of Blogger Don’t use because Lack of SEO Awareness. So, Let’s Start Caption is Like a text Line that Represent you Image in just a Small Piece of Text that Responsible for Search Engines to now about the Image that they are going to Index. When you Upload an Image in your Post So Always Add Caption with your Image to Optimize your Image for Search Engines. It also visible to Both user and Crawlers.

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Steps to Add Caption to Blogger Image :

  1. When your Write your Blog post So After Uploading an Images Like Above Steps Just select an Image.
  2. You have Multiple Option withing Image Just Choose “Add Caption” and Add a Small Piece of Text that Better Represent your Image.

    Add Caption of Image in Blogger Post
    Add Caption of Image in Blogger Post

From Editor’s Desk :

Above are the Two Major Factors in Image Optimization in Blogger Blog So, You need to Implement it on your Blog and You see that your Images are too Indexed in Google Images Search Results. It can Cover Most of Part for Blogger Image SEO for those who are newbie in the Game of SEO. ALT Text and Add Caption to Image can Improve your Images that Easily Understand by Search Engines Crawlers. Sometimes It can also Helpful to Increase your Site Traffic because Some of People use Image Search to Find a an Article or Blog Post.

So Guys, If You have any Question Arise in your Mind about This Article of Image Optimization in Blogger So, You can Freely ask in Comment We can Explain and Solve your Problem ASAP. Leave Comment in Below Post for Feedback Purpose. It can Help us to Improve Our Content Quality.

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