How To Add Related Post Widget in Blogger ?

Here Guys, Today We Show that “How To Add Related Post Widget in Blogger” in Simple Steps. You can Increase your Traffic by using this Blogger widget. LinkWithin is a type of Widget that is used to show Related Posts with Thumbnails and Widely used by Bloggers. Now Linkwithin widget become very common need for every blogger. Because By LinkWithin you can Increase your Blog Traffic by 30%. When visitor comes to your website or blog and see below related post. Sometimes Visitor interested in it and they gonna check it and increase your page views. So Here we Demonstrate a Simple way to Add Related Post Widget in Blogger. It can make your Blog more attractive and looking like filled Content that User can Caught More content on a Single Webpage. 

How To Add Related Post Widget in Blogger ?

Linkwith provide very simple use and installation in your website or blog. Today am show how to add linkwithin widget in your website step by step instruction.

Steps to Add Related Post Widget in Blogger :

  1. Go To Linkwithin and you will see screen like this.                                                                                                                             Add Related Post Widget in Blogger 2015
  2. After this Fill Your Email, Blog URL & Blogging Platform and show stories You can choose 3 or 4 in this screenshot i will choose 5 because it can make your related post more Attractive and get more Visitors Notice your posts.
  3. If Your blog has in black colour or any other dark colour so check the “My Blog Has Light text on a dark background” Option and Click On Get Widget.
  4. After Fill the simple form and click on “Get Widget” Button You see Windows Like this.                                                                
  5. Click On “Install Widget” after this a new tab is open and show screen like this below :                                                                 
  6. In this image Select your blog in which you can install Linkwithin Widget. You also add this code in your blog alternatively. Click on edit content and copy code and add in your HTML/Javascript section.
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LinkWithin Widget is very Essential Blogger Widget now that Time because every Blogger want to Place more Content on One Page So, LinkWithin is a Very Useful to Show Related Post to Get more Traffic. It can Improve Internal linking of your Site. In other word you can say It is Recommended Widget for Every Blogger around the Globe.