How to Free Up Internal Memory on Android Phone ? ( 5 Ways )

How to Free Up Internal Memory on Android

This is the most demanded Topic of this month. Many of android users ask me to show some tips & tricks to free up space on the android phone. People who running out of memory on android or they have low internal storage they definitely need to read this topic. In previous, we publish many Android tricks and tip and now here is the new one where we show you several ways to free up your internal space on the Android smartphone. Many of android phone only have 4 or 8 GB of internal space or phone memory that is not sufficient for the android phone. Most of the space is used by the Android OS and internal services. So when you install some of the apps and the memory is full. So by using these android tricks you can free up internal memory on your android space.

Basically, there are two ways to free up internal memory in android. One is by using third party apps or you can do this shit manually. We show both ways to do it so don’t worry. Whatever method you like you can use it. So guys et’s get started.How to Free Up Internal Memory on Android

#1. Move Apps to SD Card :

We already know that apps are directly installed in phone memory and use to store applications files in internal storage. So, we can use the third party app to move that installation files of android to SD card so you can get free space of in your phone memory. The app name is AppMgr III (App 2 SD) and you can freely download it from play store. Currently, this app is under 4.2-star rating club and have very good review regarding this app. The app is very simple you just need to install it and then you can check which app is movable and then move those apps and free up internal memory space in your smartphone.

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#2. Remove Duplicate Files to Free up Internal Memory:

We are rank this way as the second one cause there are some of the reasons. We all have WhatsApp app on our phone and we are added to several groups. When people send pictures, videos and things into groups and many of times we receive that same picture or video again and again so we don’t care about memory that these duplicate files use. But this way you can effectively save your phone’s internal storage. You just need to install one third party apps that can find the duplicate files on your android phone and delete it. The app named Duplicated Files Finder and this is free too.

#3. Clear Up Cache Files :

One of the most important parts of every android phone is cache. On which your gallery thumbnails, duplicate files or the cache files that only used on the temporary basis. These are the files stored by web browsers, applications such as google maps, MX Player, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and all. So if you need more space on your phone, you need to clear up the cache storage to get more. You just need to go Settings >> Storage & USB and Tap on “Cache Data” and there is pop up that ask you to delete cache data. Click ok and this will delete you all cache files from android.

#4. Use SD card as Internal Storage :

Phone memory is by default location on all android phone where all the apps store their installation files like images, edited images, documents and another kind of data. So guys if you can use default storage as SD Card so if can save more space to install much more application. You need to follow some simple steps to do that. First go to Settings >> Storage & USB the click on “Portable storage” and now tap on “Format as internal storage” >> “Erase & Format“.

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Now this portable storage is properly working as your smartphone’s default storage. Kepp in mind if you remove SD card so it will lose the link between your phone as default memory. So be sure don’t try to remove SD Card. But, if there is some kind of situation arise where you need to remove SD Card so you need to follow this same procedure again.

#5. Remove unnecessary Large Files :

If you really need more space urgently. so you have another simple way that may be quick for you. You just need to find out large files and remove those unnecessary files from your phone. Usually, it is difficult to find large files on your android that consume more space but you have an alternative to doing it. You can install third party app to make it happen.

That third party app shows you the largest file on android and helps you to pick up largest unnecessary files from it. You can use the app named Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage and it is freely available on google play store. This app has more cool features that can help you to organise your memory space.