How To Fix Unfortunately Settings Has Stopped Error On Android?

How To Fix Unfortunately Settings Has Stopped Error On Android

Are you a victim of, Unfortunately, Settings has Stopped Error on Android Devices? Are you looking for the fix of, Unfortunately, Settings has Stopped Error? This is the perfect place. Because Here you are going to get all the possible answers to such questions. I will try to do my best to solve your problem. Let’s have a look at the solutions. I have separated them, in List Kind of structure to help you in easily understanding the scenario.

How To Fix Unfortunately Settings Has Stopped Error On Android

Best Ways Fix Unfortunately Settings Has Stopped Error On Android

Although, there are many methods to fix the same problem. So, here I am writing all these methods one after the other. If one doesn’t work for you, then you can jump to the next one. And, that will help you with your problem.

#1 Clear Device RAM

Sometimes the information saved in the RAM settings gets corrupted/outdated over time. So, We need to re-create all these settings manually. Or, in another way – We need to clear the RAM to fix this simple Issue. Most of the time Unfortunately Settings Has Stopped Error On Android gets set with this simple Step. Or you can jump to the next method.

#2 Restart Your Android Device

If the previous way doesn’t work, then just press and hold the power button. Until you see the reboot option. Select the reboot option and restart your device. This will help in resetting all the corrupted settings in your phone due to the older settings of the apps. Still after restarting the problem persists, then follow the next method without any hesitation.

#3 Remove Device Cache

The Next Method is to Remove Device Cache Settings from the Settings menu. In the Storage option, You’ll find the Cached Data option. Select it and Clear Cached Data. You’ll Get a loading effect on the screen, but in the background, the device is trying to clean all the junk settings. So, Have little patience and let the machine do its job.

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#4 Remove Settings Cache

If You need to clear all the possible cached settings, it is necessary to remove the Settings Cache from the Device. In the Settings Option, And under Applications tab. You’ll find Application manager, and then you can simply select on the button saying – Clear cache.

#5 Factory Reset the Device

The Ultimate Solution for any problem. Reset the Device itself. And, it will take away all the problems with it (unless it is a Hardware related problem). Follow the Steps to Apply Factory Reset to your Devices.

  1. Open Settings and Select Backup & Reset Option.
  2. Select Factory Data Reset and Confirm your selection.
  3. It will take a little time. But, It’s better to wait than to corrupt your OS.
  4. BOOM! Your phone will restart and it is now, as new as it was before.

From the Editor’s Desk

With all this Divine information, I Hope that this will help you in solving the problem of Unfortunately Settings Has Stopped Error On Android. If you have any better method, please share it with all of us. We’ll try to add the method in the article too. So, everyone gets to benefit from it. Thanks for your time and Faith. I will see you with new information about Tech world later.