10 Best FaceTime Alternatives on Android Smartphones !

Best FaceTime Alternatives on Android Smartphones
Best FaceTime Alternatives on Android Smartphones

Best FaceTime Alternatives Android: FaceTime is Apple’s own video & audio calling application, which is a top class app in its genre. It enables one to call someone on their apple id or phone number connected to any apple iDevice over wifi or cellular data. Even though it is one of the best apps for making quick and quality video calls or audio calls, facetime is exclusively available just for iOS users. It comes installed default in iPhones & Mac’s in almost all the countries except for some middle east countries and etc. like Dubai.

Facetime has totally replaced the tradition audio calls where you are charged a long bill. The only thing which stops face time to be declared as the number 1 in its genre is the lack of availability for Android devices. Apple products are getting more popular each year but still majority of the people still use Android Best FaceTime Alternatives. So even though facetime may be the perfect way to connect with loved ones from far away from free of cost, but it is not for everyone and is strictly available for apple devices running iOS only… And that is why we are here to for those android users to tell them the Top 10 Best Facetime alternatives on Android.Best FaceTime Alternatives on Android Smartphones

Top 10 Best FaceTime Alternatives on Android.

Here are the Best Alternatives to FaceTime, based on the quality of the application, user face, availability.

#1 WeChat

WeChat might not be the most famous one in the western hemisphere, but it is soon to hit a billion download mark by 2017. It is a great success in Asia in countries such as china, Singapore, etc. Wechat is feature loaded from having a chatting option to having a video call, audio call, a profile timeline and other social features like shake where you interact wth strangers and allot more. It is available for both android and iPhone so it is the perfect way to connect with anyone, wechat has inbuilt translator for text and so many stickers. Moreover, it had message animations before apple introduced it on imessages. The video calling feature works good and in HQ which makes wechat our number 1 choice for the Best Facetime alternatives on Android.

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#2 Google Hangout

Google Hangouts is great and does work like any other video & messaging application. it allows one t o text up to 100 people and to video call with up to 10 people at the same time. Hangout is a good alternative as it does what facetime does but moreover, you get many video filters, the option to text, and many emojis. It is usually preinstalled in androids just like facetime is pre-installed in apple devices but yes hangout is available for iPhone too.

#3 Skype

Everybody is familiar with Skype. It was initially on the desktop then later took over the phone world with just a basic feature of single video call and audio call with of course options to use skype credit to call out for cheap. Skype being such an old player and well funded cannot look back and does have updates to its software apps to still keep it in the game especially when there is so much competition now. They added support for group calls and improved their user interface and allot more to improve your voice & cam quality. As I did mention one can buy actual number through skype for cheap call rates and yes it is great even to have a text chat. So its still not left behind and is one of the Best Facetime alternatives on an Android.

#4 Viber

Viber was one of the first apps on iOS and android to allow free voice calls over the internet while being a text messenger other than skype. To keep up with the competition, it has now become a feature loaded app which allows one to send Free text, free calls, photo messages and location-sharing with Viber users. It is not as widely popular as WhatsApp but yes it does stand as its competition and is ranked above as its quality is better.

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#5 Line

The line is pretty good in its genre with allot of features from Sending free one-on-one and group texts to your friends on all devices even blackberry. It is wonderful to use for text but has a great vibe to it when it comes to using video calling with clean user face and cool features to subscribe chats with news channels or sports personalities to get their news & updates.

#6 Whatsapp

The most popular messenger is WhatsApp, owned by facebook keeps its head high as most used messenger worldwide with no ads or any fancy stuff. Whatsapp’s Simple user face of texting & audio calls and recent updates added video chat which is very impressive and has taken the app up in this list of Best Facetime alternatives on Android. Moreover, you can log in and use WhatsApp on the web/desktop. How cool is that for the convenience.

#7 Tango

Tango is also one of the early apps to provide video chats and group chats. Just like others in this list, this app comes with packed features such as text chats, free video calls, and free voice calls. Tango has adapted a discovery feature which I suppose comes from the Wechat App as they introduced it the first. On the basis of video chat, this can definitely replace facetime on android and is a good pick.

#8 Oovoo

Oovoo is again a combination of texting, voice calls, and video calls. It is quite popular because it was one of those first apps to allow group video chats and people downloaded it to fulfil the purpose. It does well to manage group chats and adjusts the quality with the connectivity available to it to avoid disconnection. Oovoo Doesn’t fail to impress or replace facetime on android.

#9 Facebook Messenger

Messenger from facebook of course is a good messenger but is it really for video calls? Well, let me explain. Facebook messenger is just like texting, but you don’t have to pay for every message, you can even use it to Message people in your phone book. And yes it does allow you to have a video call with your friends over the wifi, which adds allot of value to the app. Just today they update the application and added snap chat like filters to it to keep up with the competition. Facebook does like to take on the competition and so it does wish to replace facetime but probably that won’t be happening soon on iphones, so this might be the upcoming Best Facetime alternatives on an android.

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#10 IMO

Available on all devices, another old player in the game. Made into an app from the original online desktop site, it allows one to make good quality video & voice chats on android or iPhone, send messages to friends and enjoy using a bunch of stickers, and what not. IMO brings it all, but one still somewhat lacks to compete with others as they are updated frequently to just get better and better. Even though its last on the list but it’s not the least to be considered as a facetime alternative on android.

From the Editor’s Ddesk:

All the apps mentioned are great and honestly, if you see from the popularity point of view, Whatsapp is getting up with features. If you’re in south-east Asia region you might want to consider wechat because it’s excellent. Facetime is really well built and I really don’t know how that inbuilt feature compares to any of these apps. But obviously you’re on an android and you are looking for an alternative then there you have the top 10 Best Facetime alternatives on android. Let us know what you think about it in the comments!