Facebook Documents Seized by UK Parliament on Account of a Leak by Six4three

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Silicon-based Tech Giant Facebook Inc. is amidst another row following the leak of confidential trial documents handed over to the Parliament of the UK. This has infuriated attorneys and judges of the United States and neighbouring countries. Judge V. Raymond Swope was engrossed in dealing with an expensive case of sensitive case files regarding the controversial startup Six4Three headed by Ted Kramer, a University of Michigan Alumni and an influential part behind HKW, which he joined in erstwhile 2001.

Things took a wild turn on a late Friday afternoon as the ongoing legal battle between Facebook and Six4Three turned sour when criminal information was unboxed before Judge Raymond and the bench. The conduct of the Six4Three attorneys and the party was not considered in good faith, and Kramer was instructed to turn in his personal laptop, cellphone and related passwords for an extensive forensic investigation as well as keep them secure until the end of the case.

The 2015 Lawsuit filed against Facebook stated the fact that personal user data access was compromised. This was later removed on accounts of treachery on the part of Facebook which led to general users being prone to get hacked.

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This would adversely affect Developers who waste time and energy building up applications inside Facebook hoping to attract the crowd. Up to the point of Paper leak, Facebook was on its toes at all times trying to prevent data of this Case from going public.

Bikini was a much simplified and controversial app developed by Six4Three which filtered pictures and auto-edited them with morphed images of people in swimsuits and bikinis. To the court’s fury, Kramer and party failed to provide the laptop and devices in question to the Courtroom. He preferred to remain silent the whole time and said very less on the case
and kept mum before the press.

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The entire situation has created quite a ruckus and brought into question the integrity of professional demeanour and work ethics which is very essential and can prove catastrophic if compromised with.

Source – The Guardian