Ark survial
Ark survial


Most of us like to do adventures, likes to go to adventurous places explore new things, see beautiful creations of nature and enjoy them. There are many adventurous games also made for the adventure loving people and made them experience new stuff.
Many games have been made, but one of them released recently was ARK: Survival Evolved also popularly known as ARK. It was officially released on different platforms on different dates from may to July 2017.

Ark survial


As it was estimated to release in August 2017 but as it is pre-released it is enjoyed worldwide. It was made available on Xbox, Play station 4, Windows, Linux, OS X. Ark is also an action packed adventurous game played in the different background and also contains dinosaurs, dodo’s, saber-toothed cat, woolly mammoth, doedicurus, titanomyra. It was developed by Studio Wildcard.It is also played in single and multiplayer modes. The director of the game is Jesse Rapczak and Jeremy Stieglitz. The producer of the game is Navin supphapholsiri and Dave Loyd. This game also had expansions such as Ragnarok, The Centre, Primitive Plus, Scorched Earth.

Now talking about the game as I mentioned earlier it is an action packed adventurous game played by single and multiplayer modes.It is played in a first person or third person. The world in the game is navigated by foot or on riding an animal you would like to ride on. The player has to use firearms and also be able to defend himself from other human bases and creatures. The player also needs to build bases to get help from them while attacking or to defend from the creatures. I also mentioned earlier that it could be played in single and multiplayer modes.

The whole game is set in the open world environment. The player must build a base, occupy firearms and also tame and feed dinosaurs to meet the requirements of the game and also to survive. The area of the world is approximately 48-kilometer square in which there is 36 km square of land and 12 km square of ocean.Now to build a base the player has to gain components such as doors, windows and it also progresses as we move forward or cross more levels while playing the game. The bases can be easily destroyed the attacking species so it’s better that the player builds the structures by metal as it is more durable and cannot be easily broken.

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It can only be broken by Titanosaurus. There are almost 60 species of dinosaurs available in the game. The player can also craft items in the game such as weapons by collecting the required items for crafting. The player can also attach or detach resources needed at the time of play. The player should also take care of the health as it provides the necessary food or items after being consumed.It has a feature of giving commands to the dinosaurs i.e.; you may give offensive or defensive Ark Admin Commands to the dinosaur while attacking.

That’s all about the game it is simple and easy. As an action-packed adventure game, you need to build your resources and defend your base by attacking the creatures and riding on them throughout the world.


Now about Hearts of Iron 4, this game was also recently developed, and it has become very popular nowadays. It is a strategic and wargame which is completely different from ARK. It has few similarities with the game as both the games are available in single and multiplayer modes. Both the games are strategy involved. The player needs to make a good strategy before playing the games. HOI 4 is the very tough game when compared with ARK. HOI 4 game command allows you to select the scenario in which you want to play the game either in 1936 or 1939. In 1936 mode the game starts on 1st of January 1936 and allows you to select your nation to build it. The game starts in August 1939 if the player selects 1939 scenario, in this mode Germany has already occupied Central Europe and is trying to occupy Poland.


Here you need to select the nation and then just defend your nation to compete and go to other levels. The player is also allowed to make its troops and handle the manpower. The game contains National Unity which is required during the gameplay.When there is less NU the territory is made to surrender to less occupied territory compared to higher NU. Then we have Political Power which is credited by 2 points every day. Then the player needs to build his manpower and make his troops strong to defend his country during the war. Then the player has Convoys, i.e., the transport.

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Player also needs transport to transport his troops and materials from one place to other. Then the player also must be able to select a better country out of the seven allied powers in the game. The allied powers are FRANCE, U.S.A, U.K., SOVIET UNION, GERMANY, JAPAN, AND ITALY.Up to 32 players can play a single game of HOI 4 (verification of all the players is required). You need to continue the uncompleted chapter or may start a new chapter. Now you need to develop your nation, and then there are three laws named conspiracy law, economic law and trade law and then all you have to complete the levels to end the game.
You just have to watch these tutorials before starting the game.

Now comparing both the game i.e., ARK and HOI 4 , both the games are totally different from each other as ARK is only adventure game but HOI has to deal with presence of mind as it is a very difficult hard game and also you need to focus on which country to choose in order to get success.

HOI 4 is also a single player and multiplayer game but very large as compared to ARK as ARK is only limited to some players HOI 4 can be played up to 32 players by verifying them. HOI 4 is actually a mind game which also needs your total attention towards the game.ARK also needs your game.In ARK the player needs to have enough resources to defend his base.

In HOI 4 first of all player needs to select a strong country and then he needs to focus on air, naval, land experience and increase them to win the game. HOI 4 the player gets the global strength that tells how far the world is from war depending upon historical crisis and war between countries.

In ARK the health of the creature on which player is riding is shown which helps to select the creature. The player can use the creature’s health to control the creature and send offensive or defensive commands to the animal he is riding on. There are some more differences between both the games but that you may know when you play the games.

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That’s all from me.