Cross-Platform Gaming revolutionizing the online gaming world

Cross-Platform Gaming revolutionizing the online gaming world

Cross-platform seems to be popular with gamers these days, and it is not that hard to determine why. It is much more convenient to play on PlayStation while your friend is playing on Xbox or PC than to have the same console for both.

Cross-play includes the Internet and the ability to connect a good experience from one platform to another. Other consoles such as the PlayStation or Nintendo were among the first multiplayer games to revolutionize the world of video games. So if you want a good and immersive gaming experience, make sure to get a reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP) like Cox. Cox internet prices are quite affordable and available in a variety of packages. Additionally, their high-speed internet makes them ideal for gaming. Fast internet will improve your gaming experience, and is a necessity if you want to try out cross-platform games. 

Due to the new and fast-growing gaming industry, more and more buzzwords are circulating. Cross-play, cross-gen, and cross-platform are just some of the more prominent terms. This article will introduce you to game terminology and cross-platform games to help you get past the IT language and get to the interesting part.

What are cross-platform games?

The phrase “cross-platform” refers to how software can run on various operating systems. Let us take it one step further and consider it for gaming. 

Cross-platform speaks for itself. If a game, application, or software is on multiple platforms, it means that it will be supported on many different platforms without additional user efforts. This is what enables you to download Fortnite on your Android device and computer and start playing almost immediately.

Crossplay refers to any online multiplayer game that you can play with anyone, no matter what console or device you’re using. This means your friends can use an Xbox Series X, or you can have a PS5 and still play online with each other.

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How does it work?

As multi-platform games require a network connection, your game progress and profile are stored in the cloud. All your game achievements, progress, or any strange skins are tied to a specific ID.

This of course has one con, which is that you have to be online all the time for the device you are using to be able to sync with the game servers to save your game. Luckily, nowadays you can even connect your console to hotel Wi-Fi and continue playing. 

Some popular examples of cross-platform games include PUBG, Minecraft, Fortnite, etc. 

How has it developed over the years?

Interoperability between platforms used to be a big problem. For example, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo produce and market games, often developed by their studios or important partners. As a result, several games were only usable on a particular device. 

Consumers should evaluate the games available for different platforms before choosing a gadget.  Ever since these game developers started adding cross-platform game elements to their titles, things have changed. While many such as Nintendo remain committed to exclusive offerings, Microsoft and Sony have begun offering more support for cross-platform gaming. 

Cross-platform gaming is a very interesting aspect introduced in Gaming Arena and we hope to release many new and exciting games for all players soon!

Cross-play games are not going anywhere. With a feature that is essential to the successful implementation of the game world in the best games, the ability to re-isolate from friends based on the platform you choose is no longer an issue. 

Developers who launch their games across platforms are reaping the benefits of greater appeal to active gamers as many popular games make them into desktop features. Building bridges between consoles, mobile games, and PCs have arguably been the secret power behind many of this year’s best multiplayer games.

Scalable third-party solutions across platforms are vital to the success of multiplayer gaming in the future, but you are not solely responsible for providing this type of connectivity to your games.

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Server service developers that purchase it should strive to provide solutions that put cross-platform solutions at the forefront of their thinking and product development plans.

Considering how much this feature has permeated games in recent years, you are likely to see more games with cross-platform features. Game research has shown how useful cross-play is for players’ core activities. It will not be surprising if most multiplayer games have support for cross-platform play in the future.


Of course, the future of online gaming is not yet visible, but the future is not far off. Most major game designers and tech businesses agree that it is VR/AR and other advanced technologies that sometimes make us feel like we are living in the Matrix. It seems that half of the crowd is looking at what was, and the other is keen to see what will happen.