How To Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number / SIM ?

use whatsapp without phone number

Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number 2018 – Today, we’ll talk about how do we Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number or SIM Card. Every person has whatsapp account on their device.  As you all know that Whatsapp is most convenient way to send messages to your friends. Just one thing is requirement is that the other people must have their whatsapp account on their Smartphone.

Brian Acton and Jan Koum are founder of whatsapp, they both are employees of yahoo. They both are left their job in september 2018, one day they go for applied job in Facebook but they were rejected. They created a app that is Whatsapp its sound like “Whats up”. The application lunch in November 2009 on App store only for iPhone users and in jan 2010 his new update for blackberry Smartphone , August 2010 for Android and In September 2011 it also support Windows Phone. In February 19, 2014 Facebook was acquired it approximately US$ 19.3 Billion.Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number

Currently Whatsapp is compatible for every mobile operating system on the market – Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone. The main point is that now the time you can communicate with any friend via whatsapp. In whatsapp you can send messages, voice messages, links, images, videos, locations to any other user. You can also create and manage groups. You can easily add any person on your group and make him/her admin also. Recently new update of whatsapp adds end-to-end encryption. End-to-End encryption is kept you and your friend conversation safe. Its 100% safe security and this safety is very important these days. In point of fact is encryption will secure your conversations with a password which only you and other person you are chatting with will be able to see all the conversation.

You can use whatsapp without phone number with this whatsapp hack or whatsapp trick. The encryption code is private that means no one will be able to extract your conversation file without code. You want or not, it’ll automatically start encrypting your messages. When you download the latest version, you’ll receive a message which informs you that your conversations are now end-to-end encrypted. You also have a option to scan a QR code. So you can use whatsapp for so many usages. If you don’t want to create a whatsapp account on your Number then this article is suit for you. We teach you how to create whatsapp account with fake number. Create fake account on whatsapp and make a prank with friends and other peoples.

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How To Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number / SIM ?

Step 1. If you are using wi-fi then turn on airplane mode. Otherwise skip this step.

Step 2. Now you need to download and install Whatsapp. If you already have a whatsapp account then go ahead.

Step 3. After installing you need to download “Voxox” Application for generate fake number.

Step 4. Now install Voxox app and register your details.

Step 5. When you have created a account on Voxox, you need to get fake number for whatsapp.

Step 6. Go to more option on top left of the voxox app.

Step 7. There you’ll see account detail. You just need to copy fake number from the account information.

Step 8. Note down the number on any other device or page.

Step 9. Open whatsapp and fill the fake number that you get from voxox app.

Step 10. If you have already a whatsapp account then go to whatsapp setting and click on change my number. In the first option you need to fill your currently whatsapp number and country code. In second option fill fake number and USA country code “+1”. Then click okay.

Note- If you don’t have a whatsapp account then simply click on whatsapp and fill fake number.

Step 11. Within a minute you’ll receive whatsapp confirmation code from whatsapp in voxox app.

Step 12. Open the verification link or copy the code and paste in Whatsapp. Your whatsapp verification would be completed.

I hope you have enjoyed this article Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number 2018 and also enjoying be anonymous on internet and chatting with random people. If you have any queries about this article leave your comment below in comment section. So Enjoy guys keep supporting and share this article.