Buy Bitcoin now: Top 3 ways to profit from BTC in 2022

The key trait of a successful investor is the ability to keep the financial currents in motion. Crypto provides the necessary freedom to do it without bureaucracy, taxes, and randomly canceled operations. All of these caveats are well-known satellites of traditional trading using international exchanges. But who says that you should focus on trading at all!

Crypto and blockchain today are not only assets but complex tools for a financial gain. But for outsiders, this world may seem like a huge grey area without any regulations needed for a business to work. It is only true for a tiny fraction of the field, which at most is just a playing field. Some sort of Wild West, A New Frontier for every adventurer who dare to take advantage of these instruments of the future. And we are glad to guide on the way!

Profit plenty from cryptocurrencies

Getting all the unnecessary explanations out of the way, jumping straight to money making is the right choice when it comes to blockchain. This technology allows every user to transfer nearly unlimited amounts of money at the snap of their fingers. Such tools are what separates a small profit deal and a perfect trade. Look at the most profitable fields where it can be used:

  • currency trading;
  • NFT;
  • bitcoin casino online;
  • system maintenance.

The latter is what famous «mining» terms if about but not limited to it. Running each «block» of a blockchain system rewards you with some amount of local currency. With a powerful PC or a dedicated mining station, it is possible to make a profit from most of the altcoins.

Which currencies will raise in price

Speaking of altcoins, it is a good note to transition from market analysis to real-life actions. To do that on a strict budget, you have to have an understanding of which currencies outside of BTC (the default currency) will be rising soon. The most prominent examples in 2022:

  • XRP;
  • FTX;
  • BNB;
  • MATIC;
  • GALA.

We do not recommend any cloud-chasing to catch The Next Big Thing and be the first to invest in it. Scam-coins are a real problem on the market, and they will deceive with this exact promise. It is much better to have a stable 10% income every quarter than a tiny chance to hit the jackpot.

A place to have an adrenaline rush

Speaking of hitting jackpots, any crash crypto game online can provide you with this exact opportunity. There you can multiply your initial bet 2, 4, 10, 200, or even 1000 times, thanks to the nature of this machine. Playing Crash with BTC has only 3 steps in it. Firstly, you are making a bet. Secondly, you are waiting for the rates to go higher and higher with a risk for them to Crash every second. If you can guess the right moment to get up from the virtual table, the final third step will be collecting all the winnings! And do not forget about free rounds and other bonuses for newcomers, the best way to familiarize yourself with the rules.