Top 7 Best Lock Screen For Android to Secure Your Smartphone | 2019

Best LockScreen For Android

Best Lock Screen For Android 2019 – In this age of Smartphones. When technology has become so much comforting. Android is one of the most famous Mobile Operating systems. The easy to handle interface makes it very simple to operate it. The various touch gestures increase its feel. These days, the children of age 2-3 don’t know much about talking. But they do know to open Gallery and watch Videos and Photos. All this is Due to amazing and simple User interface of Android.Best Lock Screen For Android

People mostly has a misconception about android that “Android is Developed by Google.“, but this is not the case. Android is actually bought and updated by Google from a group of developers. It is based on the Linux kernel. So, it can be considered as another Distribution of the Linux, like ‘Zorine,mint,Kali,fedora,ubuntu etc.’

There are plenty of options from which you can select your lock screen in the list given below. But, I bet – that you’ll be confused about selecting one from all these attracting options for your device. I’ve researched and gathered this information for all of you. So, I hope that you’ll like this article.

The main reason behind Android being so famous is, that it allows its users to customize their device in the way they want. i.e. You can simply download any application from the Google Play Store, and change the looks and working of your device in the way you want it to. Android Launchers are one of that famous application for customization. But today we not gonna talk about Android launchers, We are here to know about Best Lock Screen For Android 2019.

What is Lock Screen ?

Like Windows, Android also has a Lockscreen method. Which protects user Home screen from being seen by others, when he’s not around. It Locks Down the Home screen and hinders the direct access. In a way, it protects the User and its important and sensitive information. The user can set either a Pattern Lock or Simple manual password option to unlock the LockScreen.

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In simple words, the Lock screen is an additional layer of security to your sensitive information stored on the android device. Now, I think you know enough about Lock screen, It’s time for knowing about Best LockScreen For Android | 2019.

List of Top 7 Best Lock Screen For Android to Secure Your Smartphone | 2019:

Although, there are many Lockscreen Applications are available out there on the Google Play Store. But there’s always some better ones. Today we gonna look at those special applications. and they can be considered as the Best Lock Screen applications For Android. Let’s start by looking at the list from Bottom to the Top.

 #7. Locket Lockscreen

The amazing things come for free. This application is one of those things. It is an intelligent kind of Lock screen app. Which displays the latest notifications and newsFeeds about the messages, news, phone calls etc. It has the learning feature, which watches the most used apps and gives you feedback on those apps first.

#6. L Locker

Another Free and awesome LockScreen application for your android device. The application is for those users who can’t update their OS due to some reasons from Android Lollipop 5.0, but still want to use awesome LockScreen app. Then this is the application of your dreams. It also supports KitKat style locker. The application supports both PIN type and pattern type Locking of the home screen. You should give it a try.

#5. Go Locker

Go Locker is one of the amazing lockers that I have used on my device. The application is free of cost to download from play store. One of the most stable and most compatible with almost every android phone out there. It allows the user to add their custom lock screen shortcuts and offers multiple faster ways to unlock the device.

#4. Slide Lock

Slide Lock application is for those people who enjoy living simple and clean life. This easy to use and simple to operate LockScreen application will make your life much easier. The right and left Swiping the LockScreen will unlock the device and open camera respectively. It displays notifications amazingly. All options are customizable and it has given the liberty of choosing between PIN Locking or Pattern locking of the home screen.

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#3. C Locker

As the quality and features of the lockScreen application increases with decreasing the Rank on our List. The plugin started being paid from Free. However, C Locker comes with two handy versions. One is Paid and another one is Free. We are talking about the Free version here. Although Paid version has its separate benefit.

The Application uses very less battery while operating. It makes the interface very beautiful and simple. In the free version, We are getting the basic features. i.e. 5 types of default widgets on the lock screen, every important notification, customizable options. And much more exciting features.

#2. Echo Notification LockScreen

One of LockScreen App, which has earned its place on the 2nd Rank in the list. The fanciest and Free lock Screen Application. It displays the complete notification on the lock screen, instead of filtered summary. Simple design and max. battery saving features make it more reliable and efficient application. It groups one kind notification together. To save space and time. and it is loaded with more customization features.

#1. CM Locker

Here comes the Top application of the Article. The CM Locker app has really earned its 1st place and amazingly fit for the first rank. Included similar features to the iOS Screen lock. Easily available on the Google Play Store. The Phone Boost option is the main milestone of the application. The Power saver mode helps the Phone boost and increase up to 30% of your battery life. The Inbuilt toolbar provides quick access to the basic needed options. All options are customizable in the application.

The Intruder Selfie feature allows only you to operate the device. If someone else tries to unlock the device using wrong PIN or pattern. His pic. will be clicked secretly from the front camera, and you will know about the betrayal after you’ll unlock the device. Quite cool feature.

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Hope that you’ll like my article about Best Lock Screen For Android 2019. That’s all I got. If you are in doubt OR have any query. Throw them towards me, via comments. I’ll throw the related answers back to you. Thanks.