Unique Apps You’ve Never Heard Of

There are plenty of great apps in the Play Store that can meet your needs. You can be sure that someone is writing code for it right now if they aren’t already. Still, you need to figure out which programs to download. We’ll tell you about a few of our favourites below.

Just a Line

Augmented reality technology on the cutting edge is used in this app. The user can make his or her own augmented reality and see it work right away. Google’s Creative Lab came up with this idea to make the first “cross-platform collaborative AR program for doodling.” It’s based on tests from the ARCore open-source project. The program allows you to draw in augmented reality. There are three ways to look at the lines. The tracking features of the app are enough to make you want to get it. You can learn more about this site if you click here.

Memetic – The Meme Maker

People love memes, especially on social media and messaging apps. Meme creators are so quick to act that they can make hundreds of memes in response to a single event. There are many apps you can use to make and share funny memes. This meme generator can help you make the text and pictures that go with the best memes.

It has lots of funny layouts and pictures that will make anyone laugh. From the Meme Generator app, you can share your memes on Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, Imgur, and other sites.

Dream Lab

The app was made by the Vodafone Foundation to make people’s lives better and set a good example for the future. Everyone knows that modern phones are very powerful. When the phone is not being used, this power goes to waste. This idea gave Dream Lab the idea to start using downtime for cancer research. Because the app can only be used while the phone is charging, it doesn’t use up the battery.

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The only thing a user has to do after installing the software chooses a cause they care about and tell it whether or not to use cellular data. While the user isn’t online, the device gets the problems from the cloud, does the math, and then sends a report to the team. Technology today is amazing.

Tor Browser

Tor, or the onion proxy, is something that everyone who uses technology to get by has heard of these days. Now they can get on the internet and make money using the best payout! As expected, the browser lets you browse the web anonymously and works with the Tor router. Tor is better than other VPNs because it can hide a user’s IP address better across multiple nodes.


Mubert is a music app that uses AI to make songs on the spot. The music style that came before “Generative music,” in which a program makes and plays music that is unique to each user. This is made possible by AI and a large collection of sounds made by people for different moods and genres. By clicking the “like” or “dislike” button, users can let the AI know what they think and help it learn to make better decisions. This app is a leader in its field right now.