How to Share Files Between Windows and Mac OS Easily ?

How to Share Files Between Windows and Mac OS Easily

How to share files between Windows and Mac 2018: Apple announced new Retina display-equipped MacBook Pro event coming this month on the 27th and well last month they announced their new MacOS. Apple laptops are taking all the hype they deserve, at early stages, no one wanted them because of many compatibility issues of various software but now the time has changed. These MacBook’s and desktops are powerful and amazing tools to work on and they are updated timely. share files between mac and windows 10, windows 7Share Files Between Windows and Mac

Apple does add the stunning looks to their products but also makes sure that it houses what you really need. Now if you are using your Windows PC and bored of the same user face and want to switch to a mac then you would obviously want all your old data from windows PC to a mac. Now you can do by many ways but seriously do u really want to get a hard drive and then transfer there first and then on copy on your mac? I guess not? Well, we have got that concern of yours covered with the help of migration assistance. which will not only transfer your data but it will do it fast and that also wirelessly?

Migration assistant is pre-installed on every mac, and you have to download one on your windows PC. The software will help you migrate data from a Windows PC running Windows. The Migration Assistant will launch automatically after it has been installed. Windows Migration Assistant transfers your contacts, calendars, email accounts, and more from a PC and puts these files in the appropriate places on your Mac. So without further ado lets get to the point of How to share files between Windows and Mac ?

Steps to Share files between Windows and Mac :

Follow the steps as guided to make sure the process goes smoothly.

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Note : Before you start : 

  • Make sure Windows is up to date. Migration Assistant works with Windows XP and later.
  • Make sure you know the name and password of an administrator account on your PC.
  • Connect your Mac and PC to the same network, such as your home Wi-Fi network. You can also connect an Ethernet cable between the Ethernet port on your Mac and your PC to create a direct network connection.

Step 1: On your PC, download the Windows Migration Assistant and install it


Step 2: Quit other open applications in Windows

Step 3: Open Windows Migration Assistant on your PC.

  • Click Continue in the Migration Assistant window to start the process.

Step 4: While on your Mac Open Migration Assistant from the Utility folder on your Mac.

Step 5: On your Mac, follow the onscreen instructions. Until you get to the migration page of the assistant. Select the option to transfer information “From a Windows PC”.

  • When prompted, enter an administrator name and password.macos-sierra-migration-assistant-from-windows-pc-1-min

Step 6: Click Continue to close any other apps that are open.

Step 7: Select your PC from the list of available computers in the migration window on your Mac, then wait for the PC to show the passcode displayed on the Mac.

Step 8: Click Continue on your PC and your Mac after you see the same passcode displayed on both computers.


Step 9: Your Mac scans the drives on your PC to build a list of information to migrate.

  • When the scan is complete, Select the information you want to migrate to your Mac and click Continue.macos-sierra-migration-assistant-from-windows-pc-select-information-min

Step 10: Wait for it to complete the sharing of files between windows and mac.

From the Editor’s Desk :

If there were any issues then you can check your connection or on windows PC disable anti-virus software to proceed. This is the tested way to share files between windows and mac. if you have any doubts or any problem then make sure to comment below.

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