Psiphon PRO Apk (172) Latest Version Free Download

Psiphon PRO Apk (172) Latest Version Free Download
Psiphon PRO Apk (172) Latest Version Free Download

Psiphon Pro Apk 2018 is a free VPN service for iPhone, Android, and Windows PC. It encrypts your online data which is passing through your internet service provider when we are connected to an unsecured network. This tunneling and encrypted security make our data safe from hackers and other malicious data breaches attempts. psiphon pro apk download

Psiphon Pro Apk Version Free Download 2018

For those who don’t know what VPN is – Vpn stands for Virtual Private Network. It makes a separate tunnel and passes all the internet surfing data anonymously through it. Many VPN services are used to turn on the internet or to access specific things which might be banned from their country. However, you can use VPN services to enjoy anonymous web browsing as well. VPN services are available for free on most of the platforms including Android, iOS, and windows.

Psiphon PRO Apk (172) Latest Version Free Download
Psiphon PRO Apk (172) Latest Version Free Download

Now you might realize that a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a great benefit for Android security. Whenever you are connected to an open public wifi, all the data from your smartphone can be hijacked or altered. This is where VPN comes in handy. A VPN will encrypt your data through a secured tunnel, nobody will be able to see what your browser also nobody can access your private data.

So, Today in this article, we are going to discuss about Psiphon Pro APK. In general, Psiphon is a free VPN service available for Android, iOS, and Windows. However, they also give premium access to those people who don’t want to compromise on their internet speed. Psiphon is a great free VPN service provider which encrypts your incoming and outgoing internet traffic data. This makes our private data unreadable to ISP and hackers who might be trying to intercept on their network.

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Advantages Of Using VPN

Before discussing more about psiphon vpn apk. Let us discuss about some of the major advantages and features that you will enjoy if you’re using a VPN service.

Increased Privacy

If you use VPN while browsing the internet, then you will get more privacy then ever. A privacy where the connection is so secure that even the ISP can not track you.

Access Blocked Sites

There are many sites which are not available to you, thanks to the courtesy of Govt. Now you can access all the blocked site with the help of a VPN. These sites include Downloading sites, country-specific sites, and even torrent sites.

Secure Browsing

As we discussed earlier than VPN adds another layer of encryption n your incoming and outgoing internet traffic. This saves you from any online data theft such as your personal data, financial transactions, online shopping, messages, passwords, etc.

Using Torrent Sevice

Most people use VPN services just for the sole purpose to access torrent sites or downloading/seeding torrents. So if you are looking forward to doing that, then you can do it via using a VPN service like Psiphon Pro APK.

Privacy is your right

We don’t need to clarify this much. Nobody should have access to your private data until and unless you choose to share it with third party authorities. VPN adds another layer of encryption which makes it almost impossible for higher authorities to peep into your privacy.

What Is Psiphon Pro Apk ? (Old Version)

Psiphon PRO Apk (172) Latest Version Free Download
Psiphon PRO Apk (172) Latest Version Free Download

There are many VPN services out there, but psiphon pro handler apk is the best among all. Psiphon Pro APK is available for free on major platforms including Android, iOS, and windows. Whenever we connect through a VPN service, we are actually trying to connect to the server from other geolocation. By using this technique, we can browse different websites in spite of our location.

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As VPN hides our real IP protectin us from any possible data breach or data stealing. Due to this, no one can steal your data because it is already encrypted by your VPN service. In simple words, this process is known as Tunning data through a secured encrypted VPN tunnel. The best part about Psiphon is that it is not very complicated in these steps. All these steps are taken care of by Psiphon itself in a single click. So you don’t actually have to worry about the technical part. just press the connect button and you are ready to go.

Another thing about your average everyday VPN service is that they are not reliable enough. Now we agree that there are many VPN services available. However, they sell personal data to the third party in exchange for profit. Nothing is free in this world, right? However, Psiphon gives free VPN service which is backed by donations and the money collected from Psiphon Pro apk users. So your data is secure with Psiphon Pro APK.

Features Of Psiphon Pro APK

Psiphon PRO Apk (172) Latest Version Free Download
Psiphon PRO Apk (172) Latest Version Free Download

Psiphon offers many features which makes it apart from other VPN services. We are going to list out few of them. These will be enough to make you download the app from play store!!

  • You can access blocked sites pretty easily.
  • It ensures safe internet browsing. Nobody will be able to peep through your browsing or downloading history. Now even your ISP!!
  • It provides anonymous browsing which means nobody can reverse track you or your browsing history.
  • You can share your private data, emails, passwords, documents easily without worrying about data theft.
  • Psiphon is relatively cheaper as compared to other VPN services.
  • Psiphon also boosts up your internet connection. As it is based on compressed packets technology. So every data you send through Psiphon network is actually compressed.
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Download Psiphon Pro VPN Latest APK 2018 On Android:

As we have told you about Psiphon and its benefit, let us talk about how and where you can download Psiphon Pro APK. The app itself is already available on Google Play store if you wish to download it from there. Just search for Psiphon Pro APK there in the search bar for the Google play store, and it will appear up in the results.

 Download Psiphon Pro APK

Remember, Psiphon offers free as well as premium VPN services which unlock any censored or blocked website for your location. You can easily unblock many numbers of websites which were not available for your IP. So what you’re waiting for? Press the download button below to download Psiphon Pro APK.

How To Use Psiphon VPN APK on Android:


Now we have given all the download links. It is time to install the app and use it on your smartphone.

1. First of all, you need to download Psiphon Pro APK. If you still haven’t downloaded your app yet, you can still do it via the link given below.

 Download Psiphon Pro APK

2. After downloading the file, simply install it. If you are not able to install the file, you might need to enable developer options first Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and enable it. After that try to install the app again.

3. After successfully installing the app, restart your smartphone. Turn on your smartphone again and launch Psiphon Pro APK app.

4. Click on start button and choose tunnel whole device from the popup menu.
5. After a few seconds, you will see a message saying that VPN is connected successfully.
That’s it; you’re done!! You have successfully connected with Psiphon VPN servers. You can even change the location of your server from the country many available in Psiphon app. If you are facing any problem, then you can ask in the comment section below.

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