New Phishing Activity now Attacking all Mobile Devices

New Phishing Activity now Attacking all Mobile Devices
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Phishing activities over the internet, hacking into the user ’s account and details are something which is quite common in the 21st century. As shared by a cybersecurity researcher, a new type of creative phishing campaign is taking place in the world of internet. This phishing campaign has specifically been designed to attack mobile users.

Similar to the previous phishing attacks, the newly launched phishing attack is also based on the same principle and idea that a malicious web page has the ability to mimic the look and the feel of any browser window that would in turn trick even the most experienced and vigilant users into giving away their login details to the web attacker. The new phishing attacks have been designed in such a way so as to mimic the mobile browser, design and the animation as well.

New Phishing Activity now Attacking all Mobile Devices

Antoine Vincent Jebara, who is the co-founder and CEO of password managing software, Myki has shared a video with the team of Hacker News that details out each and every step poof how the new phishing campaign is being carried out.

The video demonstrates how these web attackers are using the latest technology to again reproduce the native IOS behaviour, the browser URL bar and tab switching animation that makes the mobile browser if the user appears to be the original and genuine one. This realistic manner on a web page further moves on to present fake login pages without redirecting the users to a new tab.

Users are therefore required to pay attention to all the minute details on the browser page. If they fail to do so they would end up entering their login credential on the fake page, thereby giving the attacker access to their private social media accounts. It should also be noted that the new phishing activity is not limited to Facebook, Safari browsers or Ios mobile users but to all Android devices.

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