How to Lock & Unlock your Computer with Pendrive ?

Lock & Unlock your Computer with Pendrive
Lock & Unlock your Computer with Pendrive

Today We Have a Crazy Trick that Helps Users to Enhance Their Computer Security by Turning your Pendrive into Password that your Computer Lock and Unlock Only with the Help of Pendrive. Nobody can Access your Computer without your Pendrive or USB. It is Possible with a small Program Called Predator. It’s Acts like a Monitoring Tool that Register your Pendrive and Monitor it. So When you Unplug Pendrive, It locks your Computer. You can also Set Desired Time to Lock your Computer After Unplug Pendrive.How to Lock & Unlock your computer with Pendrive ?

If you Want to Protect your computer from your Friends, relatives, So You need to Tick Auto “Start with Windows. This Option Enable user to Run Predator at Windows Startup So, User Don’t need to Run Predator Again and Again. When your Computer Starts Monitoring is On and When you go somewhere for Short Interval Just Unplug your Pendrive and use as Pendrive as your Security Key. No Need to Type Password.

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Steps to Lock & Unlock your Computer with Pendrive :

  1. Firstly, You Need to Download Tool named Predator from Official Website.
  2. After Downloading this Just Install on your Computer. Note That Pendrive is Plugged into your Computer.
  3. When You Execute This Tool, You see the Pop-up Dialog Box Where they say to Create a Password for Your USB Security Key.000-min (1)
  4. Now You can Use your USB as Security Key. When you Unplugged your Pendrive your Computer Automatically Locked after 30 Seconds (You can Set Your Desired Time by Go to Preference Settings in Right Bottom).Main Settings of Predator-min
  5. Note that Enable the “Auto Start with Windows” Option in Predator Preference.

Features of Predator :

  • Schedule Your Computer to be Locked with a Specific Audio.
  • Set Desired Time After your Computer Locked.
  • Increase & Decrease Screen Darkness.
  • Support Multiple Languages.
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From the Editor’s Desk :

Guys, This Above Tricks “Lock & Unlock your computer with Pendrive”  is Insane Like You can Now Convert your USB into Your Computer Security Key As you See in Hollywood Movies such as Mission Impossible, Iron Man etc. By Using This Trick, you can Protect your PC from unauthorised Users that want to Access your PC in your Absence.