Is The Axolotl Squishmallow Rare?

Squishmallows, which come in a wide range of animal and character forms and are essentially the new Beanie Babies, have recently become all the rage, with axolotl Squishmallows being a particular favorite. In case you haven’t heard, axolotls are cute little salamander-like creatures that appear like they were plucked straight out of an anime.

Within the community of diehard Squishmallow enthusiasts, the acronym DISO stands for “desperately in search of.” It is a word that originated from the phrase “in search of,” which is what ISO stands for. The letter “D” stresses how urgent it is to find an exceptionally uncommon Squishmallow, as most brick-and-mortar and internet retailers do not stock it.

Adding valuable goods to your Squishmallow collection is vital if you’re a certified collector. Using DISO in forums and on social media will make it easier (at least) to find what you need. You can check out the 5 different Squishmallow axolotls released so far to find the perfect one for your collection. 

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Color: Rainbow zebra print

Size(s): 8″

Year: 2021

When it comes to the Squishmallow Mystery Squad, Caslina and fellow member Gawa are inseparable. Gawa aspires to become a party planner, and she and her friend often attend tea parties together.

Furthermore, the rainbow zebra stripes are adorable.


Color: Black

Size(s): 5″, 12″

Year: 2021

To take care of an axolotl named Squishmallow, you don’t even need to have a thing for bright colors. The only other color on Jaelyn is found on her gill ruffles, which are a frilled pink. Her tummy is a creamy tint. This excellent, iconic character is also a master of the age-old art of juggling, a skill that will never go out of style.

She competes all across the country and just took first place for juggling not three, not four, but seventeen candy bars. She travels the country to participate in these events. On Halloween, we are aware of who will be passing out candy.


Color: Rainbow tie dye

Size(s): 5″, 12″

Year: 2021

Despite her rainbow exterior, Tinley’s true colors are red, green, and white. She learned how to cook thanks to the encouragement of her Italian Noni, and she tilted her first dish Noni’s Pasta. Tinley, the axolotl, is now the executive chef of a trendy new restaurant.


Color: Neon yellow

Size(s): 3.5″, 5″, 12″, 16″

Year: 2021

Treyton the axolotl, a member of the Easter Squad, is a Squishmallow that has a vibrant lemon yellow coloration. In a bizarre twist, Treyton can also take the form of a bearded dragon rather than an axolotl in one of the alternate realities.

Treyton’s interests include listening to jazz, watching viral videos of people pulling pranks, and snacking on handmade grilled cheese sandwiches.


Color: Orange

Size(s): 3.5″, 5″, 8”, 12”, 16”

Year: 2021

Axolotl, Nico As far as intelligence goes, Squishmallow is on par with a goldfish. The plushie with the tangerine orange coloring is a creative genius. He’s continually trying new things and taking classes to improve his painting abilities.

Instead of a painter’s smock, he wears an apron when he’s cooking up something delicious.


In Squishmallow fandom, DISO stands for “Desperately In Search Of.” This handy word is most frequently seen in online communities like Reddit and social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook Market Place.

DISO facilitates the hunt for unique Squishmallows by bringing together a community of collectors, dealers, and enthusiasts who all have a common interest in the treat.