How To Receive OTP On Mobile Phone Without Phone Number

Nowadays people rather text than call each other. It is done with instant messaging services and platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, and others that allow users to send messages online. This explains why at this moment many people don’t even have a mobile phone number. Even if there is one, it is often unavailable because there is no need for it. However, unfortunately, a mobile number is still required in order to sign up for most of those services. This doesn’t make it needed to visit a cellular carrier store and buy one though. You can receive OTP for registration on any website or app using such a feature as a temporary phone number that is always available on the internet.

Temporary numbers in essence

Temporary phone numbers are incomprehensible to many internet users. Some of them even think that those are just sets of random digits without any use case. But the reality is different. Such a feature as a temporary number is a standard phone number that unlike the latter is used over the internet and isn’t available for permanent operation. Both these parameters make this tool useful in different cases.

The possibility of being used online means that temporary phone numbers are available everywhere in the world. There is no need to go anywhere or get some special hardware in order to operate them. Everything that is required from potential users is to proceed to the appropriate website or app for getting and operating temporary numbers.

Temporality is another peculiarity of this feature. It is exactly what makes such numbers what they are. They can be activated only once for the same online service. This is enough to sign up for a certain platform and also affects their price which most often doesn’t exceed $1. However, there are also some platforms that offer an opportunity to rent temporary phone numbers for a certain period of time. There are several options to choose from.

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Why this feature is popular among internet users?

Millions of customers from all over the world are in the databases of services that offer temporary numbers for bypassing OTP. Their number is also continually increasing because solutions from such platforms are useful in a lot of situations. The following are the primary use cases for them:

  • Creating multiple accounts on social networks and instant messengers in order to keep personal and professional conversations separate;
  • Signing up for platforms that provide delivery, taxi, and other similar services to take advantage of incentives and attractive offers for new users;
  • Using several profiles on email services and thematic forums to send out bulk mailings to promote the company on the internet with more efficiency.

Temporary phone numbers are also a great choice for people who value their online privacy. They are completely confidential and cannot be used to identify their owners. This makes it an excellent tool to avoid receiving spam text messages and calls after signing up for online services.

OTP bypassing services from SMS-Man

Right now the most convenient and cost-effective option to receive OTP online is offered by SMS-Man. You don’t have to go through complicated procedures when using this platform. It’s only about completing a brief registration process using the email address or an account on Facebook, Google, or GitHub. Just do the following:

  1. Create an account on the mentioned platform and verify it.
  2. Use an appropriate payment option from the payment tab to recharge the balance.
  3. On the main page of the platform choose the country where a temporary number should be issued.
  4. Slightly scroll down the page and find the required online service for bypassing OTP on the relevant tab.
  5. Purchase a temporary phone number by clicking the proper button.

Now simply request the verification code to the acquired temporary number from the chosen online service and after that click the «Get SMS» button to see the code. This code is used to register or verify an account. It only takes a few minutes to go through whole the procedure.

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