Hard times for Facebook in 2019, Stock Recommended “Sell”

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Facebook in 2018, was entangled with controversies. The prominent name bearer in the world of social networking, Facebook is likely to go through hard times this year as well. The income growth seems to sink risk because of the enquiry on the platform`s usage by marketers.

Pivotal Research analyst, Brian Wieser, in communication with media Village on Monday, was firm on his advice of selling the company’s stock. With the price goals for 2019, being gloomy, Weiser said, “we maintain our Sell recommendation on Facebook as we think downside risks on higher costs and management changes are more pronounced now vs before.”

According to Weiser, the revenue growth is too at risk. Marketers have intensified their scrutiny when they are examining their use of the platform.

For Facebook, 2018 marked to be a tough year. Careful examination of Facebook saw a residue to a revelation in 2018, regarding a London based political consultancy misguidedly were accessible to 87 million users’ data.

Image Credits – https://www.flickr.com

In April 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg begged apology for the Cambridge Analytical data leak defamation. This was during the presentation before the U.S Congress Committee.

Facebook became the centre of criticisms when it was accused of being at a dormant state. This social media site was also slammed when it received allegations of sharing fallacious and disturbing messages by Russian-linked accounts during the 2016 US presidential election.

According to Facebook, there was a contradiction that had kept the data of 50 million people vulnerable. This took place in September 2018. Also in December, about 6.8 million users had their private photos leaked to the third-party apps. Users of Facebook started getting smaller moderately in Europe and was flat in North America.

Wieser’s analysis has revealed that the troubles associated with Facebook couldn’t be warded off and it will continue in 2019 too.

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